Friday, May 15, 2009

Another day another Ignatieff flip flop.

Michael Ignatieff May 2, 2009:"I'm trying to protect these unemployed workers across the country who badly need help and if the government will work with me, we can get it done," Ignatieff said. "If they won't, we'll have to have an election."

Michael Ignatieff May 13, 2009:
"The call for EI improvements has perhaps been misinterpreted - it isn't a call for elections this summer. I think Canadians by and large would be less than happy to face another election - but I've said earlier we're going to hold the government accountable, and we're continuing to do this, and make Parliament work."

Michael Ignatieff May 14, 2009:
"And I'm telling you straight and I'm telling you clear: I cannot continue to make Parliament work unless we get substantive EI reform before this Parliament rises in June." "But I can't back down on an issue as fundamental as EI. This affects hundreds of thousands of Canadians."

In a little under 2 weeks time Iggy has changed his position 3 times.

What will tomorrow bring?

Quote of the day from May 14, 2009 on Ignatieff weak response to the truth ads: "Canadians who chose to work outside the country don't pretend that Canada is not their country" Dimitri Soudas. h/t Wilson.

Maybe this is why Ignatieff cannot take a stand on anything: Insecure Ignatieff.

The CP gets caught promoting Liberal talking points which again are not based on reality.


Anonymous said...

You're reaching...

Anonymous said...

What did Aardvark post that was not factual? Ignatieff changes his positions more than he changes his designer shorts.

wilson said...

Not only is flipping around between election and no election,
he is also flipping around between setting out exactly what he wants,
from 360 hour eligibility,
to going wishy washy with 'some substantive/constructive' changes after PMSH shot him down.

Back down that hill once again!!!

"And we have to fix it and we have to fix it now with a temporary eligibility standard of 360 hours."
May 3, 2009

"My party wants to get Mr. Harper to make 'SOME' constructive changes on EI before this summer," Ignatieff said late Thursday in a speech to a labour union.
"...unless we get 'SUBSTANTVE' EI reform before this Parliament rises in June."

Ignatieff's comments came a day after Harper shot down his demand to set a national minimum threshold of 360 hours ...''
May 15

uber.liberal said...

You need to stop bad mouthing Ignatieff!! He is the only way to save Canada and save Trudeau's ideas! Now you Cons want to get rid of the gun registry. Do want criminals to kill people?? Why are you so against the liberals. They want to help the country with a national daycare and gay marriage and less white people. Why won't you Cons listen?!

Anne in sw ON said...

"I'm trying to protect these unemployed workers...", "I cannot continue to make Parliament work...".
"I can't back down on an issue as fundamental..."

Is Iggy doing this all by himself? What are the other 76 Liberal MPs doing (aside from IRuby Dhalla - we all know she's busy trying to extricate herself from a make-believe conspiracy)? Poor Iggy's got the weight of Canada on his shoulders while the rest of his lazy caucus does nothing! Spare some sympathy for the poor sod, please.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the election when we can bring out the 54 billion dollar Question for the Libs to answer regarding EI LOL.

Anonymous said... about the Iggster believing he is a ONE MAN band.

I, I, I, I, I, - I guess there is no WE in Liberal.

The .ME website is bang on!!!

wilson said...

From Stephen Taylors blog:

Q: Why is Michael Ignatieff still in Canada?

A: Because Ruby Dhalla’s holding his passport.

Soccermom said...

Really funny, uber. Ha Ha.

maryT said...

I guess is unaware that Jack Layton will be meeting with VIPs in Washington in June, and speaking in Congress and the WH re Health Care. I don't think he will miss this chance by voting for an election in June. He might even meet with some of MIMI's friends from O's team. In return O will send members of his team to the NDP love fest in Halifax.
Eat your heart out liberals.
Could MIMI be planning a vote of NC knowing he will not get Bloc/NDP support, so he can blame them for supporting the govt.

jen said...

maryT said...

I guess is unaware that Jack Layton will be meeting with VIPs in Washington in June,

I didn't realize that a third string quaterback (Jack L) is going to speak st the WH, who gave him permission and do they know that he supports HAMAS.

Ardvark said...

Jack in DC. Wow! I guess the Democrats have really gone off the deep end on the left.

Anonymous said...

Liberals love taxes, Conservatives love capital pick your choice, isn't that kind of a choice one gets in prison, i need the soap but do i risk bending to pick it up ?