Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ignatieff unites us all again.

Michael Ignatieff the self proclaimed uniter is at it again.

Since it appears that Mr.Ignatieff has no real economic polices of his own he has decided to tap the minds of others to help form future Liberal economic policy. One of those helping him in this endeavor is none other than Ed Clark, the CEO of TD Bank Financial Group and a man who recently assisted the Ontario government on its recent, and not very popular, budget.

But more interesting is that this is the same Ed Clark who as a former senior bureaucrat played a large role in crafting the Trudeau government's National Energy Policy in the 1980s.

Yup you got it. Ignatieff is asking one of the major players in the creation of the NEP to help create Liberal economic policy. Now that is a uniting idea if I have ever heard one because
if there is one thing we in the west, and in Alberta in particular, are fond of that is the NEP. (sarcasm off)

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In Michael's defense he did move away from Canada in 1978 while Trudeau was still PM and the NEP was yet to face the light of day. Perhaps he was unaware of the dislike out west for the NEP and that it turned out to be an absolute failure policy wise.


wilson said...

Oh goodie goodie,
let's nationalize Canadian resources! NO has a serious problem in judgement.
From the agreements he signs to the people he enlists as advisors.

Bec said...

Everything lately, always seems to have an Ontario govt connection. What is up with that?

I went and read the entire piece you linked to and the author has written a compelling argument.

I agree with wilson. His judgement is a truth ad, waiting for production.

Ardvark said...

Ignatieff has already spoken about a new national energy strategy. Given that the carbon tax was HIS idea and his unwavering support for the greenshift it kind of makes you wonder doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

At what point do you think Iggy will clue in and actually trust his support base to form his policies? Ever?

Seriously, if I were a Liberal supporter right now, I'd be pretty pissed.

hunter said...

Just mention NEP, and Albertans shudder. Does the guy have no clue about the west, or has he written off anything west of Manitoba?

Any smell of an energy program by the Liberals is death in Alberta. Remember that new seats are coming to areas that are not Liberal strongholds, so it could get interesting.

Bec said...

Frankly, any smell of any nationalized energy initiative, should scare the crap out of all the provinces. Unfortunately, none of them have experienced it.

I believe those musings about an energy strategy were in his book, were they not?

Anonymous said...

Strange. Ignatieff claims he wants to do politics (he calls it the game) a new way.

After all, it is a new reality we are facing with so many world wide issues affecting us.

But he surrounds himself with old over the hill past their due date Trudeau era cronies like Ed Clark and Paul Martin era DM's like David Dodge.

Meet the "new" Ignatieff Liberals - same as the "old" Trudeau/Chretien/Martin Liberals.

Flaherty crossed the country and consulted with thousands of economic advisors, businesses, organizations and stakeholders.

Now Ignatieff has a tea party with 3 old codgers and claims that THEY have all of the answers???

And Ignatieff is such a rookie with no personal base of policy or economic understanding that he could fall for pretty well anything if it has a catchy slogan.


cantuc said...

Looks like its time to change banks .

Anonymous said...

Harper is so divisive that anyone looks like a uniter.

Agent Smith said...

just 3 ?
3 old fossils from jerasic park - thats it?!.

Anyone know when the extra seats get applied? Let it be soon...

Ardvark said...

Yes Bec, Iggy wrote about the energy strategy in his book. He also wrote in that very same book about Canada's "4 times zones" and how his relative William Grant was such forward thinker that he voted for the CCF before the party even contested an election.

So who knows what one should make of Ignatieff's writings.

wilson said...

''Does the guy have no clue about the west''

No, signed onto the coalition of losers, and was stunned at the reaction.
Even Craig Oliver (I think it was him) blasted the losers
'well what did Liberals think would happen'

Then toured the West,
said 'sorry',
'there, now get over it'

wilson said...

The Liberal
N.ational E.nviro P.olicy
is already in motion, in committee.
With constitutional experts on provincial jurisdication in tow,
they plan to legislate (fine) the oilsands into submission.

Gilles is happy,
Jack is happier than Gilles,
but the happiest of them all is Lizzy May.

Ardvark said...

What is wrong with you people? Michael is being very clear on this; a national energy program if necessary but not necessarily a national energy program.

What is so hard to understand?

hunter said...

It appears the new ridings won't come into being until 2014.

Ardvark said...

Thanks Hunter.

To anon:The country is united, and separatism in Quebec is less popular than it has ever been.

The conservatives elected MP's from coast to coast to coast with the exception of Newfoundland and that was because the PM showed leadership and did what was best for the country and stood up to Danny Williams. What did Ignatieff do? He lost his spine and was forced to let his NFLD MP's break caucus solidarity and vote against party lines.

Look at a map; other than around Toronto Liberal support is almost non existent in most places in the country.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Clark as well as the not so famous Frank McKenna....both of TD...were recent participants of the recent Bilderberg conference in Greece

wilson said...

About time someone in the media took a good look at and his questionable judgement:
Thank you Andrew Coyne!