Friday, May 01, 2009

Did you know....

Did you know that according to Liberal spin doctors that:

This is a conservative recession. It is not a world wide recession and what is happening in other countries around the world should be ignored.

If you criticize Ignatieff in any way shape or form it really means that you are really just scared of him. It definitely does not mean that there may be something legitimate to criticize or point out to the public other than you are Iggyphobic.

The reason that the Liberals have not released any policy is because if they do the conservatives will steal them. It definitely does not mean that they have no policies or care enough not to play politics with good ideas (if they did have any) and keep them a secret from Canadians while they suffer through a recession so the Liberals can benefit.

The Liberal Party is more united now then it has ever been. It definitely does not mean that there are still deep divisions within the party going back decades and new ones created when Ignatieff and his crew tossed out the party constitution and democratic process by seizing control of the party.


maryT said...

Do the liberals and media really truly expect us to believe they are 100% united. When there are still stories out there that the Red Torys are still mad at the joining of the conservative parties. They still refuse to give their votes to us. Dion was Chretains man, and his people are still there, as MPs, and recipients of adscam money.
The Martin guys are still upset. The liberals are putting on a good face but they are not united in anything except getting back into power.

Ted said...

I'm glad you are finally realizign it AA. You got it bang on. Look out Conservatives.

kursk said...

Reading comprehension is either not a strong part of some people's game, or they forget the [sarc/on] tag..

Either way, Iggy and the stooges are still bereft of competent ideas on how to run this country.

Better just let the big boys keep on running this country, we will be better off in the long run.

Ted said...

"Better just let the big boys keep on running this country, we will be better off in the long run."That's exactly what I'm saying. So glad you agree with me. I didn't think you supported the Liberals, but I guess I can't always be right. Now how quickly do you think we can get the toddlers out of government?

Dave Hodson said...

Now how quickly do you think we can get the toddlers out of government?Ted, the next Ontario provincial election isn't for couple of years, so we can't get Dalton McGuinty and his toddlers out of government until then.

cantuc said...

The liberals new policy same as the old policy. LIE! LIE! LIE ! I guess it's worked for them before so why not .

wilson said...

Well, Canadians do not agree with any of the Liberals spin:
poll released today
spin this Ted

55 per cent, did not agree the Liberals are ready to govern again.

72 per cent of those polled did NOT want the official opposition party to defeat the government and trigger an election as soon as possible

43 per cent of Canadians believe Harper would make the best prime minister,
compared to 33 per cent for Ignatieff

46 per cent said they see Harper as the best manager for tough economic times,
up two points since December, compared to 32 per cent for Ignatieff

wilson said...

Now, polsters say that the party numbers will catch up to the leaders numbers,

just like the LPC party numbers dropped to Dion's numbers in the election,
PMSH's numbers are still high and the CPC numbers will catch up in the next election too.

Anonymous said...

wilson - now, now, we mustn't confuse Ted with basic math. He's been busy pooping all over the blogs today singing from his same old tired songsheet.

The whole LPOC event is a charade.

All puff and bluster just like Ignatieff.

wilson said...

At least that poll tells the LibLuvin media that Canadians are not stupid.

All the bitter and snearing or non-existant media coverage of PMSH
has not fooled Canadians.

And the 3 month luvfeast with Iffy has not fooled Canadians either.

Ardvark said...

It is the same Liberal game. Complain about everything, offer nothing, and hope you can fool enough people into voting for you.

There might be a small convention bump but as with Dion it won't last.