Monday, May 04, 2009

Ignatieff says the Darndest Things.

"I have a fundamental disagreement with the Prime Minister about how he handles the country, that is I think he divides, as opposed to unites".

What the ...? How can Michael Ignatieff make a statement like that, which itself is intended to be divisive, about how the PM is being divisive and still manage to do it with a straight face knowing the Liberal record on divisive politics?

This is not something you would expect from a so called academic who is supposed to know Canadian politics to say; it is like he was out of the country or something for the last 27 years.....

Wait a minute.

Here is some more of what Ignatieff the Illegitimate* has been saying on this subject.

"For three years you have played province against province, group against group, region against region, individual against individual," referring to the PM.

"When your power was threatened last November you unleashed a national unity crisis and you saved yourself only by sending Parliament home.

Is Iggy saying that he actually does support the coalition with that statement? I get so confused with Ignatieff's position on this at times; but really what else could he be implying here other than he wished that the PM would have been tossed out by a coalition headed by Stephane Dion????

Update: Charles Adler has some eerily similar thoughts

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Anonymous said...

However, Stephen Harper will be happy to hear that Ignatieff said the ONLY job of the Prime MInister of Canada is to unite the people.

Sheeesh - maybe Ignatieff should read the job description a little closer.

Soccermom said...

Nothing, NOTHING was more divisive than that abomination called The Coalition of Idiots, upon which Count Iffy put his signature to.

The only good thing about that is that many politically unaware Canadians were awakened from their slumbers.

All throughout history, Liberals have specialized in finding divisive wedge issues to scare their way to an election victory. What could be more divisive than that?

kursk said...

Ignatieff has never completely disavowed the separatist coalition.He has stated that he is keeping that option in his back pocket in the case he needs another stick to beat the PM.

I have no doubt this pseudo Canadian would revive the coalition if it was in his best interest to do so.

Ardvark said...

As with increasing the GST or another type of tax hike Iggy has always said that he can't leave anything off the table.

We need an enterprising MSM reporter to flat out ask him if the coalition is still on the table as well.

Soccermom said...

And Harper didn't "unleash a national unity crisis", it was the Coalition of Idiots, for crying out loud.

Geez, these Liberals just can't seem to get their facts straight. How stupid do they think Canadians are??

wilson said...

Iffy admits he signed onto a policy that divided Canada,
then flip flopped.
Note too that ONTARIO was polled at 63% against the coalition,
the West was his excuse for the about-face:

"You are, after all, looking at someone who turned down the chance to
become prime minister of Canada, and I did so, in part, because I felt
that it would divide the country," he said. "I want to be someone who
unites the country, and that includes the West."

Heh ToryBoy, need a truth ad here!
the born again patriot must be reminded of his word, especially in Quebec,
where they still hold out hope for a coalition.
Iffy must declare there will be no seizing of government by coaltion,
because it would divide the country:

''I did so, in part, because I felt
that it (coalition of losers) would divide the country''

wilson said...

Iffy says seizing the government by coalition will divide the country!

Now he has to say it loud and clear for the GG to hear.

Mick said...

The coalition didn't divide the country: Harper calling it a "coup d'etat" when it wasn't divided the country.

Harper telling the West that the coalition was designed the screw them was divisive.

Harper lying to Canadians about the legal and constitutional nature of our parliamentary system was divisive.

Harper calling the sovereigntists separatists (and thus losing all ground he gained in Quebec, and thereby guaranteeing once and for all that he'll never have a majority...ever) was divisive.

I didn't like the coalition either; I'm glad it died.

But believe me, Harper lied to you and everyone else about the coalition, about parliament, and about the very nature and framework of Canadian democracy.


Bec said...

It's sort of funny, how I felt the country divided with the NEP directed at Alberta, the Quebec referendum, the PM Chretien laughing at our elected senator, the faces and circumstances put to adscam, the consistent, year after year disrespect shown to stay at parenting.
What did I do? I never gave up on my country.
In 1995, during a BBC interview, Michael Ignatieff, clearly GIVES UP ON HIS?? COUNTRY.

At least those of us that have said and done things out of frustration, stayed and worked, paid taxes, raised our children and believed we may get our country back.
Michael Ignatieff, returned in 2005for one reason alone, exactly 10 years after his statement of how we had all failed as a country.

All of his friends that he hangs out with these days, have been the reason for national disunity.
He is the biggest of hypocrites, I have ever encountered.

Anonymous said...

Mick, you should get your facts (quotes) straight.
The "designed to screw the west" comment was in relation to Dions carbon tax proposal, not the coalition.
The only thing you have right is that the Prime Minister did indeed call the Bloc seperatists. And what are they if not separatists?
All the rest of the statements you attribute to Mr. Harper are baloney.

Anonymous said...

I thought I heard Iggs say to Jane Tabor that he "rejected the coalition". If anyone can find a quote from that time of him doing any such thing I would love to read it. As far as I remember he went along with the whole thing (and signed on!) hoping Dion would wear it and that he would come out in the end as PM.

After Layton's acceptance speech and Dion's YouTube video to the country, everyone knew what a farce the coalition was. At that point Iggs said he didn't like the idea in the first place. Where is the press release of him saying he rejects the concept before it went ahead? There was none.

wilson said...

PMSH united Canada in NOT wanting a coalition of losers to seize the government.

Jen said...

Anonymous said...
I thought I heard Iggs say to Jane Tabor that he "rejected the coalition".

Kevin Newman for GLOBAL NATIONAL asked Ignatieff a simple question whether or not he (ignatieff), supports the COALITION.

Ignatieff responded that he HONOURS his signature on the COALITION AGREEMENT.
Meaning that he is in full agreement of the COALITION.
Duceppe knows and so does LAYTON AND DION.

Soccermom said...

Oh we can think for ourselves, Mick. That Coalition of the Idiots made me feel like my vote had no say, being a westerner. That sounds pretty divisive to me. When Liberals tout their values as "Canadian values", they neglect to mention a large portion of the voting public that DON'T share their values. We are just as Canadian, but you don't want to recognize us.

We learned a long time ago that Liberals are not good for the West. We haven't forgotten.

And we will not forget the Coalition of the Idiots, either.

Bec said...

Soccermom @ 2:01 pm

You said it! Disrespecting the results of the election but to include the BLOC as the veto vote, was the bullying and subsequently, mortal injury to unity.

These guys have an abusive nature of making the victims, guilty of the crime.

Whoops, did I say that?
Isn't that pretty much what our Canadian judicial/gun registry/child care/ all look like?
Thanks to these guys, we have no representation of true Canadian values. Special interest groups are the happy ones.

wilson said...

This one is for Mick and all the groupies of the partiot,
from Charles Adler,
absolutely one of his best analysis ever:

goto Audio Vault
May 4
1 pm
minute 17:45

wilson said...

Adler's written version is at the link,
go to Adler on line

Ardvark said...

I posted an update at the same time as you were posting your comment. Great minds Wilson =)

Ardvark said...

Mick take a look at what Ignatieff the Illegitimate himself said about the Bloc;

"“I could be sitting here as your prime minister, but I turned it down because I didn’t think it was right for someone who believes in the national unity of my country to make a deal with people who want to split the country up,”

wilson said...

Adler absolutely pulverizes the Imitator.

beauty eh, AA!

maryT said...

The great MIMI and his supporters have forgotten that if the coup has succeeded, it would have been PM Dion.
I still think and firmly believe that this coalition was in the works before the last election, and the PM got wind of it, (probably by a bloc insider) and called an election to stop it. The way the opposition leaders all ganged up on PMSH, and never laid a finger on each other proves to me that a deal was in the works. They just never expected PMSH to gain so many seats and the libs to lose so many. That meant they had to bring in the Bloc. MIMI must have failed math if he thinks he can bring down the govt. Layton/Duceppe are not going to sit back and lose seats to him.