Tuesday, December 09, 2008

We the undersigned....

We the undersigned having given our 100% caucus solidarity to Stephane Dion last week and having forced him to resign this week, should never be trusted again.


The complete set of documents with all 77 signatures is available here.


I am not sure if I would want a guy who does not understand simple directions to print his name as my PM.


wilson said...

Printing is beneath the elite, no flare, looks too ...common.

Bec said...

One missing his printing skills, and one not printing at all. That may make this completely invalid.

Check out the ones that put "Hon" before their name....if that isn't telling......lol
If it looks like TP and smells like TP...must be TP!

Scott Merrithew said...

I'm disappointed that Irwin Cotler signed this document. He is one of the few Libs I respect as a level headed MP, but I'm sure there was no way to avoid signing it once the edict came down from Dion on high.

Cranky or Just A Crank said...

I'm curious as to how Marc Garneau found his way to outer space and back, but couldn't manage to print his name next to his signature.

maryT said...

It would be interesting to take this document to a handwritting expert to be analyzed.

Jen said...

The BUSH-LIKE AMERICAN Michael IGNATIEFF, friend of the Bush's administration and supporter of Iraq WAR is at the helm of the liberal. WAY TO GO LIBERALS!!!!

Another thing, the coalition/separstist is not over. wasn't it Ignatieff who supported Dion and the coalition yet seem to disappear whenever the mood changed around Dion.
Where was Michael to support canadians and their democractic votes as well as the troops' I guess he was hiding in some basement.
Let's be frank, the liberals will continue with their crap and blame others for the mess. WATCH THE MSM.

Prairiehuckster39 said...

The signatures in green wax crayon, do they count?

Just wondering...

maryT said...

Is real history being made in the liberal party. 2 successive leaders never being PM. And one of them forced out, has that happened before. Coup d'tate in the liberal party. Gotta love it.

TangoJuliette said...

TangoJuliette sez:

What sort of standing must one have to be able to file a Request through the Freedom of Information Act, in order to obtain the written agreement that the NDP and the Liberals signed with the Bloc in order to obtain Bloc support for the next 18 - 24 months.

What exactly was promised to the Bloc?

When was the promise made?

Under whose authority was this promise made?

Under whose authority was this agreement entered into?

Who decided, that in exchange for a chance at "power," they saw nothing wrong with leaving much veto power in the hands of the Quebec Separatist Bloc?

The Bloc - the only regional party, wrongly enjoying National Party status, and wrongly reaping National Party Allowances, all the while being wholly committed to the overthrowing of the Government of Canada, and striving for the final destruction of the Canadian Confederation.