Sunday, December 07, 2008

If it is good for the Canadian Goose it is good for the....

If it is good for the Canadian goose it should be good for the LPC gander.

If the Liberals wanted to impose the coalition on the country without a vote, why would one be surprised that they would want to appoint their new leader without a vote of Liberal members.

Too funny. Each and every argument against this is an argument against the coalition, but they are so upset at their own party that they have not made the comparison and figured it out yet.

Go Bob Go.

No, Go Iggy Go.

No, Draft Manley

No wait, Stay Stephane stay.

Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Go liberal brain trust go.

Maybe they should just form a new party: The Backroom Deal Party of Canada.

Some Liberal opinions and some of them are not very happy about this.

What about Bob?

Wilson's comment here deserves mention: "How does it feel? Western Canadians feel your pain."


wilson said...

But look at all the money they are saving for the next election.!!
Those pesky grassroots types just mess things up.

Next in this political soap opera,
-is the coalition d.o.a.?
-Will there be a revolt in this revolting story?
-What will Iggy do?
''coalition if necessary, but not necessary coalition''
-Dithers II ??

Ardvark said...

Pull up a seat, grab some beer and popcorn and enjoy the show.

Prairiehuckster39 said...

Now I see a CTV headline stating Dion to resign in the next week....can we get his recorded version?

If this is indeed true it will be, without a doubt, the best political decision he has made to date.

Fingers are crossed.....