Friday, December 05, 2008

Watch out Iggy

Be careful Michael; because if this guy tosses his hat into the ring your are going to have a fight on your hands.

John Manley on dumping Dion and getting the Liberal Party back into fighting shape. With a good dose of common sense thrown in for the entire country.


Babylonian777 said...

John Manly is too right of centre for most in the liberals, I can't see him being a potential leader.

The liberals seem to always alienate their talented ones.

Hey, Mr./Ms. Ardvark (I don't mean that disrespectfully, I just dont know your name!) Could you blog on something........I don't have my own blog..........I was just wondering about the liberal debts, and who would incur them in this "coalition", and when/if the federal party welfare cheques which they started this mess over is sent in the mail, how do they allocate it among everyone?

It's understandable the those at BT didn't blog about this, but there is no excuse why those at liblogs didn't bring this disaster waiting to happen to light. Unless they did and I missed it.

- John

Bec said...

Babalonian 777,

What a question. I was wondering this week, what if there was an election..., would the coalition have combined funds from EC? How would it all work?

Something for....Hunter, to disect?

Babylonian777 said...
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Babylonian777 said...

Yea, this will be hillarious. These liberals aren't good at thinking ahead. Even the fundraising, lmao! I bet they won't get the liberal fundraiser or the bloc one for that matter to take charge of that department. Probably the NDP guy will take care of that. Don't forget, the bloc will probably be demanding a chunk of the money raised too.

What about the candidates? Who can and can't run? Toronto is a hotbed of socialists. Imagine choosing if the lib or dipper gets to run, that's like a drunk juggler juggling nitro glycerin during an earthquake.

What about Marilyn Churley and Maria Minna in beaches east york? How will they resolve that? Or Peggy Nash and Gerrard Kennedy? Just a slew of problems from the Toronto dynamic alone.

I can't remember where I read this (ctv I think), but apparently, the NDP and Liberal staffers where at a bar in Ottawa waiting for Dion's late "webcam" address to the nation............after they viewed fight broke out among them!!! lmao. I don't think it was physical. Even when Duceppe saw Dion at an elevator in Parliament, Duceppe was like to Dion "What the hell happened!!!" I wish that was caught on tape, Duceppe makes me laugh when he speaks.

They shall be known as the NLPT (New-Libocratic Party of Toronto)

Ardvark said...

The Liberal are in debt and have no money, so maybe Jack is floating a little loan so they can buy themselves some more rope.

Good question. The $1.95 per vote split is an easy one, but the expenses would be tricky to divide up unless it was also on a per seat basis and which the Liberals would have the greater share of cost.

Hahahaha! That Jack truly is the best used car salesman this country has ever seen, and now he has the Libs picking up his lunch tabs!!!

wilson said...

PMSH is gonna make mincedmeat out of Iggy, if he wins the leadership.
Iggy's performance thru this power garb was poor, very poor.

He's reluctant,
then he's 100% behind Dion and the coalition,
then he's distancing himself,
then he supports his leader and the coalition,
now he's in hiding.

And Iggy is the best they've got!

One third of the Lib supporters seem to be DipperwannabeLib.
This is gonna be fun to watch. Thsoe Dippers fight dirty.