Monday, December 08, 2008

Dion resigns. Sorry no video available

Stephane Dion resigns with a caveat:

Statement by the Honourable Stéphane Dion

After the election on October 14 I announced I would stay on as Leader of the Liberal Party until my party could select my successor. One of my goals was to ensure an effective opposition to Stephen Harper’s government.

I believe that decision was the right one and I am proud of having forced Stephen Harper to back away from his attempt to force upon Canadians his most ideological and harmful plans in these tough economic times.

The alliance between the Liberal Party and the NDP to replace the Harper government, with the support of the Bloc Québécois, is a solid basis to give Canada a government that reflects both the aspirations of the majority of Canadians and the support of the majority of Members of Parliament. Such a government would be more stable than a minority Conservative government incapable of cooperating with opposition parties.

As the Governor General has granted a prorogation, it is a logical time for us Liberals to assess how we can best prepare our party to carry this fight forward.

There is a sense in the party, and certainly in the caucus, that given these new circumstances the new leader needs to be in place before the House resumes. I agree. I recommend this course to my party and caucus. As always, I want to do what is best for my country and my party, especially when Canadians’ jobs and pensions are at risk.

So I have decided to step aside as Leader of the Liberal Party effective as soon as my successor is duly chosen.

I will offer my unconditional and enthusiastic support to my successor in the same way I have always supported the leaders of our great party. I will work under the next leader’s direction with all my energy in order to give Canada a better government.

I wish to close by making it absolutely clear that my earlier departure does not change the facts of the situation that the Prime Minister has created in the last two weeks.

The Prime Minister and his government refused to lay out a plan to stimulate the economy. The Prime Minister has lost the confidence of the House of Commons. The Prime Minister shut down Parliament to save his job while thousands of Canadians are losing theirs. The Prime Minister has poisoned the well of trust and respect that is necessary for a minority government to work in Parliament - especially in a time of crisis.

Mr. Harper took an economic crisis and added a parliamentary crisis that he then tried to transform into a national unity crisis: this is no way for a Prime Minister of Canada to act.

It is my hope that the decision I have announced today will enhance the capacity of Parliament to function effectively for the sake of Canadians in this economic crisis.

Stéphane Dion, PC, MP.

A small problem. Dion is not the leader, he has already stepped aside and is only the interim leader, so when he speaks of his successor being duly chosen is he talking about another interim leader or an actual leader? By caucus or a leadership convention, within the LPC constitution or by some other creative method?

It is all so confusing, but I have no doubt that not having video of this was a very purposeful move by the Liberal Party of Canada as they kick Stephane to the curb.

Adieu Stephane.


Don said...

I've heard Dion speak. Which leads me to believe that Iggy wrote the statement Dion just read.
The reason there is no video? Well, even though the speech was written in big letters, Dion just couldn't read it properly in front of a camera and after the third try, Iggy decided to just have Dion sign the bottom and fax it out...

Erwin Gerrits said...

No video. Maybe that's for the better, judging by the quality of the last one...

James Crawford said...

It is no big surprise that Dion would conclude his resignation letter with blame. Perhaps 'Canada's Coalition Coup Party' will make him Minister of Blame...

Ardvark said...

Last week Liberals were tripping over themselves telling the country that they had 100% caucus solidarity behind Dion as their leader and that he should be the PM of the country.

How can anyone ever trust anything these clowns say again.

Anonymous said...

I see Kinsella has gone off to Jamaica for a holiday. The rats deserting the ship.

I wonder where they came up with the money to get Dion to step aside as he was counting on free rent and meals and his large salary as Opposition Leader. Also what about his debts?

I guess we will find out the answer when we know how many Obama gave to Hilary to go quietly. All we know is that his finance committee was going to look into the question of settling part of her campaign debts.

Prairiehuckster39 said...

See, crossing my fingers worked. Anyone have any other requests, I feel my godly powers fading quickly...

Anonymous said...

Now everyone down onto your knee's.
Mr. Bigshit Yankee Doodle Dandy is on his way to save us from democracy and freedom. I'm sure PM Harper will also pummel that filthy left wing supremacist to a pulp and then kick his sorry ass back across the border.

gimbol said...

I find it odd also that the guy the establishment of the party wants coronated is a right wing republican from Harvard.

Methinks the far left wing of the party isn't going to like this.

I also think the ral coup is happening in the LPC.

maryT said...

All three leadership fakes had to put up 90,000 to run. That is a lot of money to pay off Dion's debt.
I have to wonder where they got the money, from unions or power corp to bypass election laws in order to pay off Dion.
Can anyone believe that one would risk 90,000. to quit. And they complain about the income trust tax.