Saturday, December 06, 2008

I thought Dion said that he was going to concentrate on fundraising

Stephane Dion: "We have to bring our fund raising machinery into the 21st century, or the Liberal Party will be at a permanent political disadvantage. This work has to start now and must be successful in the coming months."

"I recently announced that my remaining time as Liberal Leader would be largely dedicated to fund raising,” said Mr. Dion.

I guess the fund raising was going so well that Stephane felt he had the time to form the most hated political movement this country has ever seen.

My cheque is in the mail and so are a few others.


Off to the rally for Canada. I hope to see you there.


Archie said...

The question for the Liberal fund raising is who's it going to, the NDP, the Bloc, or the Liberals. If they have formed a coalition you should be donating to the coalition not to a separate party. I wonder what election Canada has to say about this and all the money the unions are putting into supporting this coalition. All Telus employees and ex-employees received a email instructing them to support the coalition.

Anonymous said...

Mr Dion did have a plan, become PM and pillage the treasury for the LPC so that it could regain its past glories. It failed. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure fund raising for the Liberal party has plummeted b/c of this coalition debacle.

Anonymous said...

It sure looks like Dion is dedicating all of his remaining time to screwing up the country and not fundraising.

Once a liar always a liar.

Archie said...

According to this blog the Liberals are donating big time, but to the cpc

Ardvark said...

Archie, thanks for the tip. I just linked up to Christian Conservative's post.

Dion is going to do to his successor financially what Chretien did to Martin.

Ugly time to be a centrist Liberal.

Anonymous said...

If he steps dow now he will be the first Liberal Leader to be petitioned into bankruptcy.