Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What can the Liberals really expect to gain from the coalition?

Other than a backdoor chance at a return to power, I got nothing. Anyone?

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wilson said...

Bob Rae wins,
he's the best fit to lead the coalition, and Lib/Dippers would stay united on the campaign trail.
Rae would not have to face the Ontario electorate until he was encumbant PM.

Anonymous said...

One-time Premier Bob Rae who destroyed Ontario's economy and now wants to destroy Canada's economy is going to be a complete disaster. He'll never win an election...ever!

Ardvark said...

Those pro coalition trolls must be out for dinner.

How does the LPC gain from this?


Anonymous said...

dumping a failed president (cough) prime minister is a good start, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

How about survival. The economic statement was impossible for any opposition party to support. Once the talks started there was no way to back out. There is only one thing that keeps all of this together and that thing is Harper.

Skuleman said...

Assuming Dion is willing to step down, I could envision a scenario where the NDP threaten the survival of the coalition unless Rae is given the liberal leadership. Iggy is at the right wing end of the liberal spectrum and has to be anathema to the dippers. Rae would also then be perfectly poised to fold the remainder of the lieberals into the NDP and once again change parties becoming the leader of the new merged left party.

Kelly said...

The Liberals are finished.

No one is going to forget the selling out of Canada to Jacques Parizeau.

Anonymous said...

"What can the Liberals really expect to gain from the coalition?"

Being really cynical,
It took how long to put AdScam together??
And that netted the Liberals how much???
And the party is how much in debt???

Ardvark said...

Anon1: Failed PM? 1030 days and just re elected so I don't think so.

Anon2:As for the economic statement the government did step back and dropped the contentious issues. So who is not willing to make this work again?

Skuleman, I think this has been on big dirty trick played by Traitor Jack on the Libs. They discredit the Libs and either take over from within or pull all the lefties out when it collapses.

Anon3: I heard a credible rumour tonight that one of the first laws the Tripartite Coalition will try to pass will be to reverse Chretiens election finance laws and allow corporate influence, errr I mean money to again flow to political parties.

Christoph said...