Thursday, December 04, 2008

Caution: Do not get caught in the stampede...

of coalition supporters running away from the following query and offer of a generation*.

"If anyone can make a coherent argument as to why the rise of a coalition government was a grassroots victory and not a backroom political deal, I will give that person a unicorn. An honest-to-god unicorn." source

ht UA

Avoiding questions seems to be a common trait among New Liberal Bloc Party members.

Here are a few of my own:

When did Jack Layton first approach the Bloc?

" " the Libs?

When are we going to see your economic plans?

Why are you refusing to go back to the people of Canada before changing the direction of our current government led by the people who kicked Dion's ass?

When did Canada enter this recession I keep hearing about and why are you not waiting to see what the Obama administration does before going off half cocked screaming into the wilderness on the economy?

Why are you ignoring the parliamentary tradition of calling an election within 6 months?

Is it possible for Jack Layton to be PM in this coalition?

If you do not have the balls to go to an election on this why not make the confidence vote a free vote? ( My personal favorite)

A few more from CCT

and a few more from the National Post.

Feel free to ad more of your own questions for the coalition in the comments.

The Canadian people need answers before you get to, as your leader said in that messed up video, called our house.

* apologies to Paul Martin


The Trusty Tory said...

"An honest to god unicorn." HAhaha!

Anonymous said...

- Ctv tossed you a H/T, in case you missed it.

The blogsphere was quick to pounce on Dion's bumbling performance.

"Stephane Dion was late for the show, looked kind of red faced, and seemed to be getting a couple of bucks for the bankrupt Liberal Party for the product placement of a book entitled, and I kid you not, "Hot Air," wrote the Alberta Ardvark blog Wednesday.

Alberta Girl said...

Good questions!!

I have a couple of my own

How is it that the Bloc is not part of the "Coalition"; but the other two parties (with only 114 seats between them) think they have the "will" of the people to govern?

My second one is to the MSM

Why are you consistently saying that Harper is the reason this is happening when he actually won the election and was leading this country? Given that it was the other three parties that are attempting to impose their will with no election, why are they not getting the brunt of your questions?

wilson said...

Let's just have a vote on Monday.
No prorogation.

If the Opps want to give this coalition with the Bloc a second thought,
they can get the flu on Monday, and then vote down the budget.

The government knows what it is doing,
and does not need to prorogue 'as a cling to power'.

jad said...

"Is it possible for Jack Layton to be PM in this coalition?"

Damn right. The NDP and the Bloc have more seats between them than the Liberals, so does anyone really doubt it would be Jack Layton for PM some time in the near future.

Prairiehuckster39 said...

The Coalition members cannot answer any of the "tough" question at the moment because none of them has answers. They have just gone off half-cocked, shot their mouths off and have proved again to the Canadian people that their political guns are loaded with blanks.

If they had actually developed strategies and plans (even in the early stages)they should be able to outline some of the fundamentals for us on how they will address our "recession" issues. However, these three have to offer but blank stares, backpedalling rhetoric and convoluted statements that even they can't keep straight.

Like the bully down the street, if you challenge and test what they are made of often you'll find a wimp that can talk the talk but has trouble with the walk.

I'm going with the PM, the guy that can walk upright without dragging his knuckles...not with the three monkeys.