Saturday, December 06, 2008

Edmonton's Rally for Canada

I just got back from the Rally for Canada Edmonton edition held today at the Alberta Legislature. It looks like the attendance was around 400 people. (397 against the coalition 3 for it)

Not a bad turnout considering the weather and the amount of snowfall we had overnight which has now turned to freezing rain that made the trek on the roads and sidewalk a bit of an adventure.

Good speeches, a very enthusiastic crowd including many who were not normally political but felt the need to come out in support of Canada, and some very creative signs were in amongst the crowd. Local MPs Tim Uppal, Brent Rathgeber, and Laurie Hawn were in attendance along with former MP Deborah Grey.

The 3 counter protesters were of the nasty sort and thought nothing of yelling down or cursing out anyone who questioned them. I was personally called a Nazi when I informed one of them that it was Her Excellency the Governor General that made the decision to shut down Parliament. I guess he must have been upset that his sign was wrong after spending an entire 5 minutes making it. Oh well.

Some pictures of the event to follow once I warm up and get them downloaded.

A couple of signs that I thought deserved mention.


Reid said...

It's too bad the counter protesters had to be so nasty. Just goes to show the sort of people who support overthrowing a government. Look forward to the pictures.

hunter said...

Please post the pictures, I was unable to attend, dang it! It's up to you to give the Edmonton view for bloggers.

Darth Vader said...

I was at the rally as well and especialy like Mr. Hawns speech.

One person was notable for his absence, Ed Stellmack. I would have thought he would have come out to show support for democracy at the very least.

I just finished listening to the Roy Green show on CHED and he was interviewing "Taliban Jack" Layton.

Layton is convinced that there will not be an election should the Three Stooges force a non confidance vote. He stated that the GG will hand power over to them.

I hope he is wrong.

Ardvark said...

The coalition stability be thy name. NOT.

Jack is in a socialist dream world that is unraveling quickly

Anonymous said...

There were 3 counter protesters at the Toronto rally too. Shows the depth of support the coalition has. I think number 3 is significant - three stooges; three blind mice; LSD (Layton Stephane Duceppe)

Anybody else got others?

Toronto Conservative said...

Nice to know there was a good turnout in Toronto considering Alberta is the hotbed of Conservatism in Canada.

I say this as one of the many who attended the Toronto rally and who used to live in Edmonton until the Liberal National Energy Policy forced us to move.

Toronto Conservative said...

I don't think you realize that there was a huge pro-coalition union-sponsored rally at Toronto's NDP City Hall (former lair of Jack Layton). They got the buses out and the professional protesters were in attendance. The anti-coalition rally at the Ontario Legistative buildings was full of ordinary people who care about Canada.

Bec said...

In Calgary,as emotional as I was, guess who ran into the only 2 protesters? You got it,me.
Well, let me tell you, these 2, eventually were asked to leave by some nice gentleman, (my hubby would have put them down with the obscene comments, they were spouting) that stepped in and said"You had your turn on Thursday, did we bug you"? The 2 said, "No, we didn't go to that, we came here to PROTEST". End of story...THEY WILL VOTE CONSERVATIVE! Stayed for the whole thing and got right into it. To FUNNY.
ps sorry for all of the upper case, it has been an emotional day.

Candace said...

I was there, too. According to the Journal, there were 500 there.

I liked Hawn's speech, too. He's a good guy. I appreciated him thanking all attendees, even those that disagree.

caz said...

"It's too bad the counter protesters had to be so nasty." It's all they know! I've been noticing over the last several months especially, their is not one, single, solitary thing that can be possibly uttered by a leftie without it being prefixed by an out and out insult, vicious accusation or just a plain and simple demonstration of hatred for this monster, Prime Minister Harper. Then i heard Bob Rae in an interview tell the reporter that when people have nothing to offer they will most often revert to blaming and doing so in very aggresive and negative ways.. he was referring to the conservative members and of course Harper. That's what WE were doing. Too much!

Ardvark said...

CTV stated the 500 number as well. I did a best "conservative' guess but was near the front and there were lots of people on either side of the ice sculptures that I couldn't really see or count that well.

These were regular people who came out on their own free will on a Saturday unlike the well union organized pro side. That alone speaks volumes.

Darth Vader said...

Is there going to be another rally? I don't think this thing is over yet.

The polls ect. say we are leading but I have a bad feeling about this cabal that is trying to seize power.

Ardvark said...

You are correct, this is not over yet. When I see Dion out today and Rae out on his 'cross Canada adventures with both of them having seen the polls against I do have wonder what the hell is going on at Liberal HQ.

Its anarchy in Lib town and the only thing worse than having a smart opponent is having a crazy one.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone given thought to the possibility of them overthrowing our elected officials? 3 guys from quebec running Alberta oil! What do you think they will do to us? 1/3 of Quebecers think they send money to Alberta to support us. I feel fairly certain this is a power grab for oil. And they claim Bush was oil mad!

Dan said...

I have a very bad feeling about the future of Canada. Central Canada is not what it used to be, they will wealth shift to maintain status quo. This is VERY serious for Alberta, Saskatchewan! Seeing as though they are a have province now and probably have a few trillion barrels of oil in the ground.