Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Any takers on whether or not the next election will get out more than 59% of the voters?

The election 7 weeks ago had the lowest voter turnout in Canadian electoral history with just 59.1% of the electorate turning up to cast their ballot.

Any takers on whether or not the next election will get out more than 59% of the voters?

I am placing my wager on the affirmative.

The unholy coalition with all of their bluster have just woken up this country's many complacent slumbering conservatives and changed the minds of many more Canadians who would not normally vote conservative to do so in the next election.

The fools have no idea what they have actually done.


wilson said...

Danny got his ABC.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Liberal. I don't like the Coalition, but I support it. Why? Because what other choice did that idiot Harper give us? The economic update attacked women's rights, labour rights, party financing and did not include any economic stimulus. I know those on the right wing can give intelligent arguments for supporting each of those; I would disagree with most of those arguments and agree with others. The real questions is what moronic member of the opposition did you guys think was going to vote for that economic update? You left the opposition with no other option other than to unite.

Anonymous said...

Actually, people have become so disgusted with this whole pack of idiots that I would expect the turnout to be more in the range of 30 percent.

Prairiehuckster39 said...

As a concerned Canadian I am deeply concerned by the "Coalition's" intent to subvert the legally recognized electoral process used by the country. The "Coalition" is sending a clear message to all Canadians that the citizens' of this country have no voice and no influence in determining who governs the country. I would suggest that such a radical move during unstable global times by this "Triad pseudopower" be labeled for what it really is....Treason against the Canadian Government and People. Their attempts to overthrow the current government is, in the opinion of Canadians, not in anyway to the benefit or wellbeing of this nation. Their plans and goals seek only to benefit the two Federal party leaders and one Provincial party leader.

Historically traitors of this country have in the past been imprisoned or put to death for violations against Queen and Country. We as a people and a nation have evolved and moved past such barbarism, we are an enlightened people and have grown into a great country with a rich culture that is unique and respected globally. It is a shame that we now have a group of politicians that seek to overthrow our elected government. This is fundamentally a violating act against our nation, the likes of which we see only in third world nations. Canada's integrity must be maintained, our democratic processes upheld, and voices of the Canadian citizens must be continue to be recognized as the true voice of this country; speaking for what is required and demanded by a nation under the governance of elected representatives.

For these reasons, I believe that the "Coalition" leaders should be charged by the Canadian Government and the People of Canadian with crimes of subversion and treason. They should immediately be stripped of all powers and authority bestowed upon them by the people of this nation.

These misguided "Leaders" that intend to bring change will only bring chaos and unrest to our country and therefore do not serve Canadians with sincerity of heart or true sense of duty, they selfishly seek things only for themselves.

We shouldn't need another vote as the voting Canadians have already cast their ballots. Perhaps the only party we need right now to settle this affair is a lynching party.....but hey this is only my opinion.....