Friday, December 05, 2008

The coalitions last gasp

I would think with the polls coming out overwhelmingly against the coalition idea that this beast would be dead, but there seems to be a little hope left among the left that by getting rid of Dion and installing someone else as leader that there still might be a chance this could work.

Yes, because installing another temporary interim leader, who in the election 7 weeks ago received no votes or endorsement to lead us and was not even considered by voter for the roll of PM , would be enough to fool Canadians to change their minds.

Keep playing politics with this Liberals. After all it has worked so well for you up to this point.


Raphael Alexander said...

I'm of the mind that the coalition will fall apart over the holidays, and we'll return to the new year with a strengthened Conservative Party and a weakened opposition.

By the way, I get an inordinate amount of hits from your site every day, but I can't figure out where you're linking to me from. Thanks for the traffic though, lol.

David said...

Once I actually thoudght that the often mentioned reference that the liberals are the natural ruling party was just a media slogan. Now not so much.
it now appears that they are and those who disagree are unenlighten. Without the support of the media they would have ceased to exsist some time ago. Unfortunately with Dion gone I am not convinced that many "outraged Canadians " will not rethink and support a more compentent liberal leader. this battle is far from over and it is time for conservative to be a little partisan,put aside the righteous part of right and stand together for the greater good.

wilson said...

If they install yet another interm leader, he may poll higher than their leadership trio:

48% have confidence in Stephen Harper as Prime Minister in the current economic climate compared to 14% for Michael Ignatieff in second place, 11% for NDP leader Jack Layton, 8% for Stephane Dion, 4% for Bob Rae, and 3% for Gilles Duceppe;

Anyone else notince, not one women ever mentioned for interm or coalition leader.
Only old white guys need apply.

wilson said...

All Dippers are street fighters and play dirty,
Rae could resurrect the coalition from the ashes.

An interm leader would not satisfy the GG that the coalition is stable IMO.

Libs will have to get this leadership thing settled, in the next month, and install their new leader as coalition leader.

Rae is game (understatement),
but is Iggy?

john said...

I'm all for letting Bob Rae run with coalition thingy. Ontario will hang him out to dry. That he polls below Dion on economic issues is the result of of one thing: Ontario remembers what he did to them the last time he ran a government.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget a vote for a Liberal or NDP or PQ candidate is a vote for the Coalition.

Anonymous said...

If the coalition fails, which party do you think Bob will try to take over next?

I hear the Greens might have a vacancy.

Ardvark said...

The latest from John Manley as he throws a big wrench into the mix with this article.

Any interim leader job will be to rebuild so the chosen leader can have a decent shot sometime in late 09 or early 2010. Anything else will weaken the new guys chances and will be to the detriment of the party.

Anonymous said...

My pick for Lib leader remains Dion, but realistically he probably will soon be replaced in which case I would strongly recommend Rae. He has all of the credentials needed for a left wing coalition: Former socialist premier, the author of "how to spend your way out of a recession", lawyer, living most of his working life 'out of the trough',and zero training in economics or experience in heading up any kind of business. He is a terrific candidate and I wish him well in his quest to lead the Liberals.