Saturday, December 06, 2008

My challenge to the union leaders who are organizing the pro coalition rallies.

Poll your own members, all of them, and ask them if #1 they support this coalition idea, and #2 if they want their dues going towards this or any kind of political activities.

I cannot expect much from this challenge considering the unions are the ones organizing rallies in favor of an unelected change in our government, but it would be nice if they would show the balls to actually find out what the opinions are of those that they are well paid to represent before they run off and spend their members money on such folly.

I know, I know, it is too much to ask but it is getting close to (the seasons celebratory season*).

* I should say Christmas but it has been edited to suit the sensibilities of the far left and the unions of which they belong, oh and Quebec too. I hear from the MSM that they are very sensitive to almost anything said on any topic and you can't be too careful nowadays.


Anonymous said...
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Bec said...

Anon is posting that all over the place.

Re the topic; The arrogance and sense of entitlement of the union mindset, will never care. It is much like what we are seeing on Parliament Hill, I feel.
It's mine, I want it and who cares who I destroy as a result.
This really is, "kool-aid drinking", at it's finest.
They should all disappear but never will as long as we support their product etc.

Don said...

I'm a union guy. I believe in unions. I've worked for places with unions and places with no unions, and believe me, a good union makes a heck of a difference.

However, I don't much like the way the unions are jumping on the Coalition train. And a lot of the people where I work are pretty peeved at what the Coalition is doing. There have been some loud debates in the halls. And some big surprises to me...

People that I work with that have voted NDP and Liberal forever have come up and said they'll never vote for them again because of this. These are guys that usually don't even think about their vote. They just voted for the party... but not now.

Anonymous said...

A good example of how a group of thugs can run a union, another example of why unions have no place in financing political parties and an example of a total lack of respect for democracy.


Ardvark said...

Don't get me wrong Don I am in a union as well but just like their coalition friends they think they know what is best for us, without ever asking us what we think is best.

FYI I was at our Christmas party last night and when the subject of the coalition came up it was 100 % unanimous against. 100% How does our union represent us on this issue?