Monday, March 29, 2010

Today's victim: Guy Earle

Guy Earle, or at least his lawyer, faces off against the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal today over a complaint that Earle, acting in his role as MC of an open mike comedy night, subjected a woman and her same-sex partner to discrimination in the provision of a service on the basis of gender and sexual orientation, which is in breach of Section 8 of the Human Rights Code.

In other words a comedian offended some people who were heckling the show, which is apt to happen to hecklers in a comedy setting, and now he has to defend himself for doing the same thing that every other comedian who has ever performed comedy in public has done before; heckle the heckler.

What has this country come to.

Human Rights Tribunals/Commissions: Fire them all

Some background on the case can be found here including a post by Ezra on Susan Cole, the women who recently went on Fox News to speak out against free speech and Ann Coulter.

BIG UPDATE:Earle's Lawyer walks out of tribunal.

Attempt to quash.


CanadianSense said...

Ezra Levant, a Human Rights activist is correct about the danger the quasi-legal government funded body poses.

Anyone can lodge a complaint and put serious financial burdens on the defendent.

This has nothing to do about equality or protecting minority rights.

Defunding immediately and all courts courts costs should be borne by the frivolous suit.

Sadly the opposition will not take up this abuse by the arms length body.

The government has taken some baby steps and the opposition, media "frame it" as a dismantling of protection of human rights for everyone.

The Union letter complaining about a closure of three offices, staff are not shrinking.

Patrick Ross said...

There's a place in San Antonio, Texas these women would have despised. It's called Dick's, it's a restaurant where they mock you relentlessly.