Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Carolyn Bennett's Greatest Hits!

Now available from Ardvark Records: Carolyn Bennett's Greatest Hits.

This is sure to go down in history as the definitive Carolyn Bennett Collection. So order your copy today!

This album has it all. From her latest single, A Real Job: "Women of Canada want to hear about early learning and child care; that is the key to their economic independence, to be able to get back to school, to get a real job, to be able to go to work."

to her very popular, Prisons for Children : "Well it certainly uh uh, the approach to child care is just spiteful its its its canceling the supplement for our most vulnerable children. There is actually no plan for early learning and childhood education . So its a good job they're putting more money for prisons in the budget because we're gonna need them if we don't get this early childhood right."

And who could ever forget Body bags:This is an absolute disgrace. This is morally appalling. This Reform-Conservative government deserves to be condemned in the strongest terms for this insensitive and callous act,” said Dr. Bennett. “Instead of flu-kits, instead of preparing and planning to get the vaccine on time – instead of planning to save lives – they spent their time planning on how to deal with the deaths.” and the follow up to Body Bags: I am sorry. “We would never do anything to offend; we did believe that raising attention for the real dire needs that we saw when we were [in Manitoba] was uppermost in our minds.”

and what about this timeless classic, and my personal favorite, Bob Rae: The reason I got into politics was because of the mess Ontario health care was in "after five years of Bob Rae" .

But wait, that's not all. Buy now and Ardvark Records will throw in a sex toy (certified safe by Ardvark Labs) at no extra charge!

If you only buy one album this year make it this soon to be classic record of Carolyn Bennett's Greatest Hits. It makes a great gift for those hard to shop for Liberals on your list.

Hurry supplies are limited. Operators are standing by.

Update: Now including her latest singles:  PM Harper is a dictator and Canadians are too stupid to understand for themselves.


Anonymous said...

If you get that ShamWow/Slap Chop guy to do the a TV commercial you could sell millions.

CanadianSense said...

Toronto has lost it's lustre. The Leafs will probably win the Stanley Cup before the Liberal Party of Toronto can regain a credible national party status.

The next election they are going to need those CPC, NDP seats they lost in Ontario. Dalton will be unable to boost 905,705 ridings for federal cousins. In Quebec Charest is facing mounting pressure from all sides into an inquiries. BC same story. ABC is dead.
No allies to help GOTV for Liberals.

hunter said...

Too funny! Don't expect to make a mint though, I'm not sure how many Liberals there are left in this country.

Anonymous said...

If you drive through Bennett's riding in Toronto, most of her female constituents have nannies from the Philippines, while they go to the club in their Lululemon attire to work out and sip post workout latte's with the sip n bitch set.

Now THAT really is a tough job!

Ardvark said...

Most of these were fairly well known but the 'moldy oldie' about Bennett entering politics because Bob Rae screwed up Ontario is a new one for me. Maybe she could do a duet with Warren Kinsella on that topic; it would be solid gold.

maryT said...

Are the operators Canadian, or are they in India or Bangladesh like most call operators are today.

maryT said...

OT, but just heard that professors at the university of regina is against scholorships for children of fallen soldiers. The US has such a program.
They say it glorifies the military or something just as stupid.
Maybe we need an inquiry into the politics of university professors and why they hate Canada and free speech.