Friday, March 26, 2010

Ann Coulter: Exposing the Intolerant Left in Canada since 2010.

While last nights speech at the Red and White Club at Calgary's McMahon Stadium may have marked the end of Ann Coulter's mini Canadian speaking tour, the aftershocks will be felt in this country for some time to come.

Thank you Ann Coulter, please come again, soon.*

*But next time please try to put Edmonton on your list.


Jeff said...

The intolerant left.
The biased media.
The Liberal bureaucracy.
The soft-on-crime judiciary.

Anonymous said...

In Canada we have our laws. You may or may not like them. This is of no concern to us. What is of concern is that while visiting our country Americans adhere to them, lest they find themselves in front of a judge.

Anonymous said...

In Canada we have laws Americans may or may not agree to. This is of no concern to us. What is of concern is that you adhere to them lest you find yourselves in front of a judge.

Ardvark said...

Wow Anon, thanks for pointing out to everyone that Canada has laws. You would never believe the amount of people who did not know that.

island breezes said...


Yes . We have laws. But what are they? Don't go by the CHRC... they don't have to follow the laws. They may act to punish people without affording them the normal protections of a criminal case.

We don't have LAWS that prevent you from insulting me about how I look, my religion or the car I drive. Its a myth. We have a commission OUTSIDE THE LAW, that can (theoretically) punish you for insulting me, based on my membership in a group they deem inferior to your group, and according to their assessment of the 'likely effect' of your words, rather than your intent. If prosecuted by the CHRC for insulting me, you will pay for your own defense, whilst I will have my needs paid for by the gov't. The facts (according to Ms. Lynch) may OR MAY NOT be relevant.

the true north strong and free NOT

Ardvark said...

Jeff, Coulter sure turned out to be quite the catalyst didn't she.

Hurry back Ann!!

Patrick Ross said...

I'd personally prefer Ann Coulter not visit Edmonton.

But that's no reason why she shouldn't be allowed to visit and speak here.

Freedom of speech even applies to the people you don't like -- how do so many people fail to figure this out?

Gayle said...

Ha ha ha ha ha

Freedom of speech touted by a man who deletes posts he does not like.

Remember when I posted things you did not like? Remember when you deleted them and lied about what I said? Remember when you asked me not to return because you do not like dissent on your blog?

Good time.... good times....

(and I know I am not welcome here, but I had to check in to see if the master censor was actually touting Coulter and her free speech ideals. you did not not disappoint. I knew you would be a total hypocrite).

So I wonder how long this post will stay up before you delete it, Mr. "I love free speech so long as you are saying something I agree with".