Saturday, February 06, 2010

Isn't Ignatieff's favorite sport baseball?

The same could not be said for PM Harper. His game is our game. Hockey!

A great article in the Leader-Post today on the PM interviewing Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe.

A couple of highlights:

"In 2006, the Oilers nearly took the Stanley Cup, and I was at the game in Edmonton for Game 6," Harper said. "(NHL commissioner Gary) Bettman asked if I could come backstage between periods. Lo and behold, I get in the room, I'm alone there with Bettman and the Stanley Cup, so I picked it up and lifted it over my head."

"You mentioned specifically trading for some left wingers," he said. "There isn't a lot of those; I've had trouble finding a good one."

How much do you want to wager that Ignatieff had not even watched a Stanley Cup final game between 1972 and 2004.

Update: Video.


CanadianSense said...

Does looking in the mirror count as a sport?


Reading Tolstoy in a dimly lit room?

Iffy watching sports... nice one.

Cheerleading for the pro-abortion lobby?

Bec said...

THAT, is the real, Stephen Harper and the person that the left, fear.

He is naturally that real and candid. The creation that the LIARS in the opposition and leftie MSM have conjured up, will not resonate when our PM engages with real folks in real time.

Ralphie Goodale should be very concerned after this story but I'm still trying to understand what Regina Wascana found in him in the first place.....

Anonymous said...

it was a great time, and the PM seemed to really enjoy couldn't you?

Anonymous said...

Like Iggy I never could get into hockey cuz I was stationed down in the U.S. with my air force (Canadian) father during my crucial formative years. I especially regret not learning how to skate properly as it is great exercise in our endless winter.

So I do object to Canadians being defined by hockey and even more to their being defined by medicare.

hunter said...

This is what we have to do, remind Canadians again that Iggy is just visiting.

JDot said...

AA says..

"How much do you want to wager that Ignatieff had not even watched a Stanley Cup final game between 1972 and 2004.'


I hope someone has got the video, of the PM Harper, Gretzky and Howe Q and A. It really would be interesting.

Oh, and here is the SI interview that PM Harper gave,

You know, the one the MSM is trying to bash PM Harper with.

"PM prefers NHL to parliament'

Ya, just read the PM Harper interview with SI, then read Jane's blog post. Very, very suspect.

Calgary Junkie said...

Pollster Bruce Anderson is just out with Prorogation a curve bender, not a game changer

"But moving from 28 per cent to 32 per cent connotes progress, not triumph. Liberals enjoying this better mood will want to take note of the way Mr. Harper has been evolving, and recognize that he continues to become a more mature, seasoned and effective political leader too."

All the usual suspects on the Globe don't like what Bruce wrote, and so are, naturally, shooting the messenger.

maryT said...

I do wish those that post comments after any newspaper column mentioning our PM would at least change some of their wording. I think a lot of have copied their hate and just paste it over and over again.
And they think their view is what all Canadians think.
How wrong they are.
But I guess they would prefer giving the Bloc full control of our government, and a coalition will do that. If the Bloc has full veto power wouldn't they demand their program be put in place, or they will veto it.

maryT said...

My bet is he didn't watch the Canada/Russia game either.
I wonder who is giving him a crash course in Olympic sports.
Tip-curling is not done in a hair salon. Figure skating is not an accounting course.

jad said...

And now he tells us his favourite Olympic sport is - women's curling.

Now does that sound like something a focus group might have come up with ???