Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Future Liberal Cabinet Minister.

This guy has the makings of a future Liberal Cabinet Minister to be sure.

Bill Prout, the Liberal candidate for the riding of Dufferin Caledon stepped in it big with his comments: "I was getting a little tired of the afghan detainee thing, but I am thinking the only reason they would do this is there is a lot more in there then even we as Liberals know, or believe is in there. I think the government maybe feels it would be very badly embarrassed. Listen, I think most Canadians believe we’re at war, and if a little torture happens to save lives, most Canadians feel it’s ok, if it saves lives. But it’s not even that, I think it’s that we feel we’re being lied to, and by our own government. If they’ve got something to hide, then ok, it’s time to come out with the facts...”

So now he does what Liberals do best, spin spin spin.

Not only does he claim that the damaging quote was taken out of context, a claim which the Caledon Enterprise totally destroys with the transcript of the original interview, as an added bonus he also contradicts and shoots down his own party's propaganda with the claim that he sent his
"22-year-old twins on a plane this past Wednesday to Europe for a two-month tour. They sewed Canadian flags to their backpacks, which for my generation gave you a sense of security while traveling abroad."

Speaking without thinking, back peddling, denial, and shooting down other Liberal claims.

As I said earlier, this guy is definitely Liberal Cabinet material.


CanadianSense said...

It is possible he was under duress when he made those comments.(sleep deprivation).

He should follow the example of another "great" Canadian and sue for $ 10 million in damages.

Ardvark said...

This guy is in good company with the rest of the Liberal wannabes.