Friday, February 05, 2010

Non partisan rallies you say?

Well the facts say other wise.

"Using simply Google and Facebook, we were able to discover that over twenty of the rallies were organized by people who were equally (or even more) partisan. Not only were these rallies not non-partisan, but organizers in most of the major cities had deep connections to and long histories with either the Liberals or the NDP!"

The organizers claimed to be non partisan, in fact constantly going out of their way to do so, and the MSM happily just repeated it rather than checking out the claims. (It is much easier that way; none of that pesky research to get in the way of happy hour at the press club)

Another fail for the MSM is another win for the blogosphere.


Alberta Girl said...

Have you sent this off to Charles Adler or Roy Green - even Dave Rutherford.

That is how we get this info out - our MSM sure isn't about to do it.

Anonymous said...

I would like someone to do a poll to ask how many people ever watch Question Period or even know who their MP is. It's fun to click on a Facebook site, but the majority have no idea or care about what goes on in Ottawa.

Alberta Girl said...

Here is the insidious way the media promote the left.

This morning on Global - Jacques Bourbeau was reporting from Ottawa.

the following is paraphrased.

announcer - sounds like even with prorogation the parties are trying to show they are working

JB - yes, since prorogation has shut down the work on parliament hill, the Liberals and NDP have been holding a series of round table discussions on everything from poverty to womans issues.

And the Conservatives, after being beat up in the polls over prorogation , in an effort to not be shown up and to show that they are working too, invited cameras to a caucus retreat.

Funny how that might look if one turned it around. An honest reporter might report like this.

JB - Even though Canadians think that prorogation means no one is working, the government has been hard at work. The Conservative government held a caucus retreat to discuss the upcoming budget and develop policies on a range of important topics.

The Liberals and NDP; in an effort to show that they too are working, have been holding a series of so called "round table" meetings inviting cameras to the photo ops each day.

What a difference a veiwpoint makes, huh Jacques.

Hinchey's Store said...

Ouch! That's ugly. Good point Alberta Girl.

Calgary Junkie said...

Donolo got his media pals to torque up every negative aspect of the prorogue. That full court media press on Harper, with assistance from the Facebook group, university profs and the like, was bound to have its effect on a public who don't follow politics nearly as closely as we do.

So be it. Just another reminder that we've got lots of enemies. They managed to co-ordinate their efforts this one time.

I suspect that Donolo is going to push the narrative that Harper is arrogant. He needs voters to get angry, and stay angry, all the way through an election campaign.

Whether he can do it, remains to be seen. But Harper is no dummy, and has overcome much more difficult challenges--the coalition, and the last week of the 2008 campaign are good examples.

wilson said...

The media didn't have to investigate AA, they KNEW the rallies were partisan organized.

Iffy and Jack were on vacation out of the country when the MEDIA did the organizing.
And the media has gone non-stop ever since.
All the media was able to dust up was a tie in the polls.
It must be a disappointment for them, as around this time last year Iffy and his socialists were a few points ahead.

It is now up to the government to get out there and toot about today's
''we got it done'' news.
Canada exempt from buy America,
and unemployment drops to 8.3%

Bourque seems to cut and paste NNW articles.

Calgary Junkie said...

The latest example of what we're up against ...

From today's Globe editorial

"The cancellation of Parliament for several months, ..."

And let's not forget Elections Canada's uneven playing field

"How is it “fair” that Elections Canada has given the candidates for the Liberals’ 2006 leadership campaign — the one that selected St├ęphane Dion — several extensions to pay back loans they took from wealthy donors while at the same time continuing to pursue the Conservatives in court for an ad-buying scheme the Federal Court of Canada has declared was not in violation of campaign spending limits?"

How do we counter all this ? Flanagan's suggestion that we fight a "war of attrition" with the Libs seems like the best way. I.E. force them to spend money on elections, leadership races, tv ads and the like. The Libs countered that a bit when they annointed Iggy last December.

The other thing we can do is wait for their old-timers to retire, or work hard to defeat them (Goodale, for example). Thus the "team" they put on the field will be seen to have little governing experience.

wilson said...

How do we counter all this ?

Time, as you suggest CJ, takes care of some of the leveling out.
Plurality in the Senate, replacement of Lib partisans with Con partisans on boards etc...

But there will never be a level playing field in the media.
This will always be an uphill battle for Conservatives.

Time to dust off Preston Manning's wise, very wise ideologies,
give the people a voice.

Canadians are ready to engage, think and be heard.
Just look at reforming the Senate, Canadians are ready,
even the opps are talking about it instead of laughing at the knuckledraggers!

The Seer said...

So, if all these guys — the libs, the dippers & the conservatives — just got together and had all their round tables and retreats and all that stuff at the same time and place — like with each other — maybe the MSM would quit finding fault with prorogation. That would take the wind out of these antirogation rallies!

Ardvark said...

The counter spin on this is fascinating.

Duh; of course these were partisan events, who said otherwise?

Um, you did and the MSM parroted that claim.

I cannot remember where I first read this line but it rings very true: The Canadian MSM are repeaters and not reporters.

JEN said...

AA, like AG, pointed out to you only these people on radio don't forget Lowell Green are the ones very hard at work.
The National Media(CBC CTV g/m t/s have their personal PMS: Layton, Duceppe and Ignatieff(coalition gang) so it will be a waste of time.
Oh by the way, Giggles & com said that they plan to interview Ignatieff on Q/P regarding the deficit etc.

WOW! Ignatieff will give his input on the deficit by stephen harper yet not a peep of the first liberal Trudeau who started the rise of Canada deficit.

jEN said...

CJ, The liberals 'bought and own the national media(the usual gang) therefore, whatever Donolo says goes or else.

Have you seen the way the liberals treat their media-like garbage.

Adler, Rutherford, Green etc will not succumb to the wills of the liberal party.

CanadianSense said...

Great post.

The media like H1N1, holy host pushed a fake narrative, never bothering to double check the facts. They were happy to have something to write about besides the Liberals holding secret meetings to replace Iffy.

The FB rallies were organized by the NDP as they were in October 2008 regarding the pro coalition forces.

Nothing has changed same small angry mob shows up with their pre printed signs and bullhorns and our media uses close ups to make the crowd significant.

Think about it less than 20,000 for a rally about "saving democracy" after four weeks of heavy rotation by the media.

Epic Fail. I would have attended the Oakville pajama protest for the free food, but I don't like Tofu perogies.