Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The time is now for more Liberal big spending policies.

Or maybe not.
After all it worked so well in the USA.

Bring on that childcare plan!


maryT said...

When did the liberals first propose the childcare plan. I imagine a lot of the kids who would have been placed under lib propaganda are now parents of young kids. And getting that 100./mo promised and delivered by PMSH.

Anonymous said...

Were going to get it here in Ontario!
McGoofy is bringing in all-day Kindergarten to the tune of $1.5 billion dollars when he's already given us a deficit of $25 billion. With before and after school care available for parents this amounts to a day care in my view.
This moron wants to be known as the "Education Premier" but I'm sure most Ontarions have other names for him!

Jeff said...

On AA's right sidebar it says, "Tired of undelivered big promises and big government in general."

Big government is the source of higher taxes and dimishing freedom. Shrink the beast I say.

I love the shot over the bow from Premier Stelmach and Alberta's new finance minister telling Ottawa that $21B/yr out of Alberta cannot continue.

wilson said...

'When did the liberals first propose the childcare plan.'
If I remember correctly, it was in the 1993 Red Book,
and then again in the 'end child poverty by 2000', what ever decade that was.

If there is a coalition of losers to win govt,
there WILL be national daycare and EI 360, and every program Dippers ever wanted.