Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Just go away Maude

Like fellow moonbat Heather Mallick it seems that Maude Barlow is also ashamed to be Canadian.

From the Globe: "I am personally ashamed of my country as I travel internationally. In a world calling out for new models of justice, conflict resolution and environmental stewardship, Canada could be playing such a powerful role as it has done in the past. Stephen Harper with a majority frightens me."

You know Maude there is a solution to all of this. If you don't like the government chosen by the people of Canada, you could just go away to somewhere where you might be more happy. Cuba and Venezuela quickly come to mind.

If these types of reactions from Barlow and Mallick are not enough proof that the Conservatives are doing a good job, I don't know what is.

For added fun and glimpse into Ms.Barlow's thinking I present you with what she said last summer about the bombings of pipelines in BC when she suggested, without ANY evidence at all, that it was not the act of an eco-terrorist but that it might have been the gas companies themselves who planted the explosives to gain sympathy from the public. (link to related story)


R. G. Harvie said...

I would love them to then articulate what country they WOULD be proud of.



The effort to commit Canada to a poorly thought-out economic relief project for dysfunctional countries (which is what Copenhagen was.. nothing to do with the environment at all) is something that I would have been ashamed of if it had happened.

As it stands, I am prouder than ever to be Canadian.. and to finally have a government that doesn't just follow others, like sheep, is a wonderful thing.

Yoda said...

The hate for the Harper is strong in this one.

Ardvark said...

Call me crazy but having a PM who puts Canada first and is not a push over or makes policy based on what the latest internal poll says is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

She probably hated her parents as well...Demented little bugger!

Anonymous said...

".. The hate for the Harper is strong in this one.."

It was also "strong" for Brian M when he was PM. It must have rocked her when Brian was named "greenest PM" for the clean air act.

This woman like Lizzie Mae is out of this world -- no gravity = no accountability.

Michael St.Paul's

maryT said...

With more women writing they are ashamed to be Canadian, perhaps it is time for Jason Kenny to ban all female immigrants. Wouldn't want them to be ashamed of their new country. If we are such a rotten country, why are so many coming here.

Michael Harkov said...

In all the time this country was governed by the Liberals, not once was I ever ashamed of my country. It is rather telling how proud these fools are to be Canadian as long as it is a government THEY want. The fact that these idiots can't seperate pride of country from pride of government speaks voumes.

These shrill haridans fit the bill "Canadian Of Convenience" more than than any perpetually unhappy immigrant ever could. They were born here; they have no excuse. The fact that the prospect of a Harper majority frightening the likes of these two tells me that we as a nation are bang-on the right track.

Kit said...

I thought Maude Barlow was dead.
Well at least her ideas are. The solution is easy Maude. Stop wearing the Maple leaf and save us all the embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Isn't she an American?