Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Liberal position on Israel

So what is or even was the position of the LPC on Israel? Listening to Bill Graham and some of the leadership candidates it would seem that not taking sides or being neutral is the Liberal way, but how accurate is this?

Lets take a short look back:

"If anyone was concerned about Paul Martin's position on Israel, they needn't have worried. Speaking at a dinner in Ottawa recently, the prime minister gave an absolute endorsement of Israel's right to exist and to defend itself."I want to let you know that in Canada we will not, nor will we ever, waiver in our support of Israel," said the prime minister to a standing ovation. "We believe strongly and incontrovertibly in Israel's right to protect itself from people bent on destroying it."

Link here :well worth the effort to read.

Here is a little gem from the same story:

" A dinner highlight was the Premier's Tribute, honoring four former premiers for "their steadfast support for Israel and enduring friendship to the Jewish community." Lucien Bouchard was recognized for "publicly expressing his admiration for the determination, values and accomplishments of the state of Israel" and "for fostering a strong friendship between Quebecers and Israelis."

So how is that friendship thing working out?

This from another Martin speech

"For this reason, we are please to note that increasingly the global community is coming to recognize, each in its own way, what we have understood in Canada for some time now that Israels values are Canadas values, shared values of democracy, the rule of law and the protection of human rights."

The Liberal position on Israel? I haven't quite figured it out yet, but once they get it figured out I am sure we will be the first to know. That is, of course public opinion polls say otherwise and it again becomes time for a re-write. It is no wonder that long time supporters are now leaving the LPC.


Canadi-anna said...

I think Martin was speaking hypothetically. When it comes to reality it seems the most Liberal POV is that Israel has the right to defend itself (but not too much, and not if anyone gets hurt).

I read Ken Dryden in the National Post yesterday. He seems sympathetic to Israel, but ended the column with the idea that the Israels in particular and Jews in general need to learn to 'trust'.
Given the current world climate, you just want shake the man and shout: "WHY WOULD THEY!"

SilverWinger said...

The Liberal position right now has to be anti-Harper, even though I suspect they do support Israel.
Because they are in election mode they find it necessary to pander to all the voters especially the Muslim vote, but by being ambiguous they run the risk of attracting the Extremists Islam supporters.
In this age of partisan politics they are coyly sitting on the fence waiting for the wind to blow them to the most voters.

wilson61 said...

A Liberal blogger on said this:

''So for every 2 Jews that support Harper's blind support of Israel, there are 4 or 5 Muslims who won't''

and I suspect that is why the Liberals take a nuanced position.!r=no&status=&r=no&status=&skip=70