Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Liberal Party of Canada will self destruct in...

5, 4, 3, .... Ok, this may not be entirely the truth but the LPC certainly are taking plenty of self inflicted hits as of late over their position on Israel.

From the moment Bill Graham opened his mouth in an attempt to re-write history and policy, the LPC have continued to show why they are not fit to govern this country anytime soon. We have MPs and others resigning, in-fighting among liberal party members / bloggers, differing views from the leadership candidates, and just a general lack of any type of discipline, policy or leadership on the subject. It has been a total disaster for the Libs, and I doubt that it is even close to being over.

Very entertaining from my side of the fence, and I hope the wife cashed the childcare cheque this month as good entertainment requires refrehments.

A quick note as I watch Bill Graham's live news conference from the Liberal caucus. Mr Graham just stated that wars and military force have "never" resolved any conflict world wide. I am starting to wonder if this guy is for real, as he seems to have forgotten about a couple of world wars and the sacrifice made by our armed forces in resolving those conflicts. It just keeps getting better and better.

More on the Liberal leadership from the Globe and Mail and a couple of funny links dealing with the Liberals on the middle east.

the clock continues to count down

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