Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nomination update - Edmonton Millwoods Beaumont

Still nothing official as of yet, as no dates have been set by the party brass with regards to the potential nomination race in Edmonton-Millwoods-Beaumont (EMB), but that doesn't mean that all is quiet.

EMB MP Mike Lake was on Dave Rutherford yesterday and was speaking about the nomination race. You can catch it in the audio vault here (August 30th, 10am) If your local Corus station carries Rutherford, the segment should be in their audio vault; just adjust the time accordingly to time zone changes. FYI: The audio vault only holds programs for 30 days.

An article in the Hill Times dealing with races can be found here, with the second half of the article dealing with EMB.


My initial thoughts on the situation are here in a post I made on the 17th, and as of today my opinion really hasn't changed as I still believe that you should not be challenging an incumbent MP without just cause or reason.

I will be blogging much more on the EMB situation and some other nomination related issues as time permits in the near future. Until then I again offer up some questions to any potential challengers to Mike Lake:

Why are you running for a position to represent your party and the people of EMB against the very person the party nominated earlier and already has been elected by the good people of EMB as their MP in Ottawa?

Who really benefits from your running as the CPC candidate for EMB?

And what would these benefits be?


If anyone in Edmonton-Millwoods-Beaumont is interested in purchasing a party membership to help keep our current MP Mike Lake as the candidate for the CPC please call 465-6415.

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