Saturday, September 02, 2006

Jack is at it again

As most of you already are aware, Jack Layton has called for the withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan.

In my opinion this is not just stupid policy it is flat out pandering to the FAR left for votes.

Jack I know you are a bit worried about the Greens and their new leader sniping some voters from you, but you really don't have to pander to those on the far left as they live and breath the socialist crap you spew and are going nowhere. However, you should worry about losing those with some common sense in your camp who see this statement for what it really is.

Good luck with this and some of the other proposed polices at the convention.

Sept13/06 UD Why JL might call for us to pull out of the UN. courtesy of Daimnation.

Another NDP MP goes against the grain.


Anonymous said...

Grandstanding Jack has the solution for peace in Afghanistan but he refuses to implement it! What a cruel man. He says that talking to the Taliban will solve everything - so obviously he knows just what to say to them.

So, he should get right over there and make peace - many soldiers, the Afghan people, even the corrupt folk at the UN would be pleased if he were to just go ahead and do it.

So why hasn't he gone there yet? Why does Jack Layton refuse to implement his peace plan?

Do Canadians need to take up a collection in order to send him and his bicycle over there?

Anne said...

Here's the deal, and Peter MacKay stated it very well- Layton is ignoring the will of Parliament. A vote has been held on extending the mission, and it passed- narrowly, but it passed.

Further, February is an impossible date for a pull-out. The House doesn't return to business until September 19. By the time it were to pass, if it did, there would not be ample time to complete the withdrawal by February.

He sounds ridiculously like American Democrats, which is rather ironic, considering his anti-Americanism. Perhaps that's why they're called the "New" Democrats- they're taking cues from the old ones.