Friday, September 29, 2006

Off Balance

It is like the LPC took one too many punches to the head and are stumbling around the ring off balance.

All of this due to one little piece of paper referred to by many as "the memo".

Liberal Bloggers are quite active on this and seem to have varied opinions. See here, here here, here, here, here. There are many more but you get the idea.

The candidates are into it as well. Rae and Iggy

And we cannot forget the MSM

Damn, this is entertaining watching both the spin, mixed with paranoia and over or maybe under analysis over one little paper from the CPC.

Not relating to the memo but still on topic; here is a video look at Bill Graham trying to get up off of the canvas after a round with the PM.

h/t OfficiallyScrewed


gimbol said...

The navel gazing by liberals over one little memo seems to reflect Harper's comment two days ago about Bucky Dither's.

It seem their whole party has trouble making a decision and then sticking with it.

gimbol said...


This is the comment I was referring to

Jason Bo Green said...

I'm not a Liberal or a Tory, but the environment's a main priority for me, and it really matters - and I'm just shocked at the unfair coverage CBC is giving this this morning. It makes me really mad when people play routine politics (when don't they...) but this topic makes me extra angry.

Joe Calgary said...

Thanks for the clip Ard... made my ma, mo, morning:)