Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Feminism and me.

It would appear that I have been tagged by Joe Calgary to give 'five things feminism has done for me.' I am not sure if I should be honoured to be tagged or to call my lawyer, but either way here goes.

1. Feminism has, or should I say has tried to make me feel guilty just for carrying the Y chromosome. I am told me and my kind are all potential rapists, that as a man I am above the glass ceiling in the working world, and that despite the basic laws of nature I should not look at attractive women.

2. Feminism has shown me that no matter how many of my tax dollars go to so called women's groups, these groups will never represent all women equally.

3. Feminism has caused the near extinction of what was once considered to be basic courtesy and manners. I fear that I might be taken in front of some kind of tribunal if I dare teach my son to open a door, give up a seat, or to never strike a woman.

4. Feminism has shown me that stupidity and intolerance are not just traits found in males.

5. Being out of ideas for my last response, I asked my wife the question and this is what her response was. "Feminism has downgraded the role of mothers."

She then added that this answer would not be what I was looking for, by assuming that I was after only positive comments for whatever I was up to on the computer, but it was her first thought on the subject.

I think her comment sums up things rather nicely, and again reminds me why I love this woman.


Anonymous said...

eew don't let the Liberals read this they will all be out on the streets picketing and protesting for more human rights.

Anonymous said...

The big mistake that feminism made is that it never pointed out succinctly that it delivered all these goodies to women.

But if it did that then it would admit that many of the goodies were in fact gifts of a changing system that had to put a lot of bums in seats fast to make things look good.

Then feminism would have outed' itself.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry that you view feminism as you described.
I feel honoured whenever someone holds the door for me. I don't want anyone to give up their seat for me because I am young and standing once in a while is good. If I was someone who was elderly or pregnant then again I will be honoured that someone chose to give up their seat for me. I don't know what I will do if a man ever strikes me but I tell you it won't be good. Anyone who teaches their sons not to strike a woman and follow the same rule themselve deserve a great deal of respect and I respect them. ONLY psycho are rapists and there are only few man/woman psychos. You can look at attractive women, I certainly look at attractive men and sometimes I can't even look away.

No one is perfect male or female. Feminism to me means that as a woman I can get an education, that I can work, I can drive, I can vote and at the same time be a woman.

Ardvark said...

I think it is about human rights more than about dividing us up into little groups based on our.....Insert type here...

The problem with these big groups/organizations etc is that they seem to want to define,what only a few of said group believe, as the norm and those who believe otherwise, even though still in the same group, are held in less esteem.

It makes it even worse when my tax dollars go towards funding this kind of crap.

And Joanne, I will continue to try and teach my son respect women, and I will do so with pride because it is the right thing to do.

none said...

Great commentary Ardvark. I've done the same thing on my blog. We need to get our side out there as the feminist side is very narrow and they present it as just that. Keep it up. God bless.

Jason Bo Green said...

"Feminism has downgraded the role of mothers."

EXACTLY what I said, it's the first thing that comes to mind on the topic.

Mothers used to be vitally important - thanks to snobby childless academics, people don't view them as reverentially anymore.

I'm kind of fascinated your wife said the same thing. I'm really glad to hear it.

Anyhow, terrific post. "The Rebel Sell", an attack on leftist thinking by two (I think) leftists, spells out in one chapter how feminists missed the point that men invented "courtesy rules" for women in order to protect women. It's a REALLY good book, I highly recommend it.

Ardvark said...

Thanks Jason. My wife feels that way because she has been the victim of this type of thinking from other women, as have most other stay at home Moms at some point.

Jason Bo Green said...

Exactly what I said about my mom (who was a stay-at-home mom herself).