Sunday, September 10, 2006

Call Guinness, it might be a record.

From what I have seen of the NDP convention this weekend I think it is safe to say that the name Bush was spoken more times by the NDP delegates than it was at the Republican National Convention.

Before we call Guinness to claim a new record, I suggest we wait for the Liberal leadership convention to come to an end first. They just might beat the recent mark set by the NDP.


SouthernTory said...

Maybe they set a record. They never
had anything good say.

Alberta Conservative said...

This cartoon sums it up best.

Ardvark said...

"What George Bush likes, we don't."

Page 3* of the secret NDP policy platform yellowbook.

*note:The book is only 3 pages, with the first 2 being full page pictures of Jack and Olivia respectively.

Is the Anti-American at all costs strategy just pandering to his base, or do they expect to gain votes from it?