Saturday, September 30, 2006

From the Anthill Sept 29th

Our PM never stops impressing the hell out of me. Earlier today at the Francophonie summit PM Harper showed not only that he is a force to be reckoned with on the world stage, but he also did the right thing by getting that resolution changed. The right thing and the Canadian thing.

This bit from a comment left on Chuckers blog made me laugh and spoke volumes.

"What Harper did today was, regardless of the MSM best efforts to play it low key as possible without looking conspiratorial, remarkable. He stood top representatives of 52 other nations on their ears and made it stick. On his best day Paul Martin couldn't stick a wad of gum to the underside of his office desk."

You can always tell when Prime Minister Harper is doing very well when a story as widely covered as this gets totally ignored by our Liberal blogging friends. Sure they have that 'Super Weekend' thing going on, but they always seem to find the time to criticize the PM no matter what else is going on in Liberal land.

By the way, doesn't that 'Super Weekend' title sound a bit too American like with their Super Tuesday? I thought Liberals were against that?
You can follow along here


This is nice; Iggy wants to put Bob Rae in his cabinet .


Joe Volpe fined 27,486,889.10 Lira for violations of Liberal election rules.

His response here

Hang in there Joe, they may be out to get but you might yet have the last laugh as the other leadership contenders come begging for your support.

Speaking of Liberal rules; how much in total fines were levied over that adscam thing?


This brings back some memories as Norad intercepts Russian bombers.


If you have not yet seen this interview with Rona Amborse on Duffy today, I suggest you watch it. This government is again proving that it is very different than that last bunch who pulled the wool over the Canadian eyes by just winging it for 13 years.

And lastly for tonight, this bit from Rex Murphy on Kyoto from October 22, 2002. h/t PTBC

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Jason Bo Green said...

I always vote by local candidates based on the person, pretty much, but I have to tell you - the environment's my big thing, that and global conflicts against terrorists, and the CPC is starting to get me very excited over some action on the environment.

Haven't really gone all out for a "party" but I could end up on their side if they deliver the way that Ambrose interview gives a taste of.

And is the future PM material or what?

springer said...

Yo, Ardvark!

You're welcome!


Ardvark said...

Jason, I think Rona has one of the hardest portfolios in government and she seems to be doing a good job handling everything that goes with it.

I look forward to seeing what the actual plan contains.

Springer: Your comment was a thing of beauty; poignant as well as a great burn.

Anonymous said...

Same planet, different worlds. The Liberals just can't figure out Stephen Harper.