Friday, September 08, 2006

NDP convention thoughts

The NDP are having their national convention this weekend in Quebec City, and while this would not normally interest me, some of the recent news surrounding the NDP might just make this thing entertaining.

Must see, moonbat TV!!

The usual socialist speeches and much blogged about draft policies will make the convention worthy of attention by themselves, but there is something else that will be worth paying attention to.

Keynote speaker, Malalai Joya From the NDP website "Malalai Joya is the youngest member of the Afghan National Assembly. First elected in 2005, she won the second highest number of votes to represent the Farah province. She is a leading activist for women’s rights in her home country and heads the nongovernmental group, “Organization of Promoting Afghan Women’s Capabilities.” will be speaking at the convention.

I am not too sure how this will play out considering Jack Laytons latest yelps about pulling out our troops from Afghanistan and negotiating with the Taliban, but I cannot see Joya being of the same opinion as Jack on this one. The fact that this brave woman, who is living with threats of death from the Taliban, knows more about the situation in her homeland than Jack and the entire NDP caucus combined is not in question, the question is.....
Will the delegates listen?
Stay tuned, same moonbat time, same moonbat channel.


eugene plawiuk said...

And like any rational person she said she did not want her country occupied by foreign troops. Would you? Don't bother answering I already know of course you would as long as they were Americans.

Ardvark said...

Since you know the future would you mind telling me the 649 numbers for this upcoming Saturday? I have my eye on a small island and I am a few mill short.

Back on topic; Eugene,I want the job done and the troops back home asap. Unfortunately the job is not yet done, and both myself and Joya will be very happy the day the Afghans can police themselves.