Wednesday, August 16, 2006

All's Quiet on the Mid-Eastern Front....

and a few other thoughts.

It looks like the cease fire has taken hold, and now plenty of people are doing a post game analysis of rating the war and or trying to go all Nostradamus by predicting the future in the region. Who won? Who lost? What about Iran and Syria? Who has this hurt politically, but maybe more important, who has gained? How long will ......... (insert subject here) take? Will it last?

I will have more on this subject at another time, but this resolution and ceasefire looks a bit too much like Pirates of the Caribbean 2 for me. The only reason it exists is just to provide some context for the next, and perhaps final movie.

**For all of you who had Fidel in one of the many DeathWatch type internet pools are out of luck for this year, better luck next year. I have always had a soft spot for Fidel. He always looks so happy in his little green outfits, smoking some big fat stogie, smiling and waving to all his cheering fans; Trudeau seemed to like him and it would seem some DNA was passed on from dear old dad as Alexandre Trudeau made some favorable comments on Castro earlier this week.

**Disclaimer** I am conveniently avoiding the Communist dictator and human rights stuff from this post to appease the left side of my brain. Some say that the left side of the brain is more analytical, while the right side is what is used to function at tasks. I guess it is kind of like politics where the left have plenty of lofty ideas that never seem to come to fruition, while the right actually get things done. My apologies, but for good health and brain maintenance, it is good to air out some of the stuff the left side of the brain comes up with o couple times a year or more.

You would think the PM committed murder for all the ranting going on about him not attending the conference this week in Toronto. Peter Worthington sums it up nicely here and it reflects my thoughts on the matter quite nicely thank you. I guess Richard Gere carries more weight with the press than I gave him credit for; it is too bad he didn't follow through on his commitments and actually move to Canada after GWB was re-elected. OOPS, that was Alec Baldwin, I get my washed up actors confused at times. Again I offer my apologies.

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