Thursday, August 17, 2006

Trouble in Edmonton-Millwoods-Beaumont?

I was having a few quiet moments in my 'basement bunker' earlier today, and as usual the TV was on in the background tuned to CTV Newsnet for the latest. David Akin came on and talked about some of the upcoming CPC nomination contests and my attention shifted to what he was saying. He started out talking about Garth Turner and the challenge he is facing in his riding as well as a few others that may be challenged for their opinion on the ssm issue. Nothing really unexpected as this has been discussed before and I was aware of the situations, but then he dropped something of a bombshell that I was not aware of.

Mike Lake the sitting MP from my riding, Edmonton-Millwoods-Beaumont, would likely face a challenge for the riding. My initial thought was a nice simple WTF? I did a little checking and while the date of the nomination meeting has yet to be set and therefore the potential challengers have yet to declare their intentions, David Akin might be correct in his story that Mike could be facing a challenger. He also might be correct in his categorization of these challengers being "sore losers".

I am having a hard time with the concept of ousting a sitting MP without a damn good reason. With this in mind, why Mike Lake? Has he done something out right wrong, unethical, or so damaging politically that he might not be re-elected in the riding? Does he have ideas that run contrary to party policy, or spoken out against these same ideals? Has he not done his job as MP for the people of Edmonton-Millwoods-Beaumont, or represent their views and concerns in Parliament?

From where I sit I can find no fault with the rookie MP that would justify his removal as the CPC candidate in this riding. There was that Oiler playoff game that he attended with the PM that caused a little rustle in the trees of a few in the political blogging community, but I highly doubt that this non story would be held against him by the voters or within the party.

So if it isn't his performance so far as both an CPC member or MP, what could it be? I honestly have no idea and would greatly encourage those considering running against Mike to let me know why they are taking this course, and answer the following questions:

First off, why are you running for a position to represent your party and the people of EMB against the very person the party nominated earlier and already has been elected by the good people of EMB as their representative?

Who really benefits from your running for the CPC candidate for EMB? The party, the riding, or yourself?

And how or what are these benefits?

I await your answers.

Update: Aug 19.

Still waiting.

Lots going on with other MP nominations as well and if you are looking for for a great resource please visit Blue Blogging Soapbox . Lots more drama to come no doubt.


BBS said...

Actually, under the new rules, two time losers are barred from running unless they receive approval from the party.

Ardvark said...

That is true, but in a riding with a sitting MP there would have been no'loser' in the last election for the CPC. It looks like the slate is wiped clean with the win, and those who had lost in the past can try again.

Anonymous said...

How did Mr Lake come to win the nomination in the first place?

I used to live in that riding too, and the previous candidate Tim Uppal had ran for the Conservatives in the past two elections, in fact, doing very well against David Kilgour.

I had moved out of that riding and I was shocked when the last election was called and found out the Mr. Uppal was not representing the Conservative Party.

Mr. Uppal had worked tirelessly for two elections against one of the most senior MP's in the country, and almost beat him.

Sometimes what goes around comes around. Something funny happened when Mr Uppel lost and I won't lose much sleep if Mr Love gets the same treatment.....

David E.

Ardvark said...

"How did Mr Lake come to win the nomination in the first place?"

My guess was he got 50% of the vote plus 1.

I was not there and do not know the hows and whats of the last nomination meeting, but the result led to a CPC victory and we now have a sitting MP. If this is about re-fighting something in the past, I would hope calmer heads prevail as petty in-fighting will not help the party in ANY way.