Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Making stuff up; Dion Style

I just finished watching Stephane Dion doing the year end interview thing with Graham Richardson for CTV's Mike Duffy Live.

What a revealing interview it turned out to be.

It would seem that Dion, the self proclaimed hero and environmental champion, either has no clue about CO2 and Norway, or he does know and just decided to lie to the nation and hope nobody was paying attention. It is really too bad for old Stephane that some people were.

In a nutshell Dion stated that achieving the now impossible to achieve Kyoto targets would not be a burden on the economy but rather a boom for it, sort of rephrasing his earlier mega tonnes of money BS. When asked to give an example of another resource based (oil) economy the intellectual named Norway, a country that has increased it's emissions by 25% since 1990 and is now over it's goals by more than 30%.

How could Dion, a so called academic be this wrong with the facts on an issue that he claims is so important to him?

He didn't know and made it up or he did know and just lied about it. Either way he looks like a fool. Are you Liberals really sure that this is the guy you want to go to the polls with whenever the Liberals stop "postponing" the election? Because if what he said during the interview is any indication of what he is going to say during an election campaign, you had better start looking for a good venue for the next LPC leadership convention soon.

While we are on the topic of making stuff up, I see Dion again tried to smear the PM with a quote taken completely out of context, the 'so called greenhouse gases' quote. This originally came about when PM Harper was asked about how the governments environment plan differed from the Liberals plan: . "As we implement our clean-air agenda, the focus is a little different than the other parties. They focus only on so-called greenhouse gases and ignored smog entirely." He was speaking about smog and air pollution being included in the CPC plan, not about whether or not GHG were real or not. BTW these 4 words are very often used by many others as well.

So either Dion was listening to the likes of Cherniak who tried to run with the smear and does not know the true nature of the quote(that might explain the need for a new communications director for the LPC) or he does know and chose to use it anyway in an effort to deceive for political gain. Again, either way it does not look good on Dion with his promise to run a clean campaign.

Not that you can ever believe any Liberal promise, campaign or otherwise, but this stuff is ridiculous.

I also wanted to get into how the Liberals can possibly reconcile their ideas that reducing CO2 will benefit the economy, while at the same time not wanting to put the 'economic burden' of reducing CO2 on 'so called' developing countries such as China and India, but my time is short. Though somehow I am sure there will be more than a few opportunities to do so in the next few months as Liberals never seem to think anybody notices these contradictions in their policies.

Update from the comments: Norway's emissions raise more than 80% not 30%.
In graphic form at CBL

And now in video, also courtesy of Canadian Blue Lemons



Alberta Girl said...

Yet when Stockwell Day made a simple mistake over which way a river flowed - he was vilified and laughed at for days.

Another example of an interviewer simply asking the questions, but not listening and/or challenging the answer.

Mary HInes said...

It would really be great, if the writer would send an email off to CTV explaining just what he wrote here.... It is time, things such as this are brought to their attention, so they are not so anxious to go along with the liberal lies all the time... It is time they find out we as Canadians are not going to stand for them pushing their lies down our throats all the time... I am going to write, and the more emails they get, the better...

Anonymous said...

Update - Norway's emissions soar by 80% from 1990 to 2004

Anonymous said...

Graham Richardson merely asks questions. He doesn't probe.
A few weeks back on Mike Duffy Live he hosted a panel discussion about Senate reform and the Liberal MP on the panel replied to a question with an answer that, if you listened closely, said he wanted a Senate that was Elected, Equal and Effective. One of the other panelists made a comment but it went right over Richardson's head.

Alberta GIrl said...

I actually sent an email to MDL to the effect that in order to preclude the appearance of bias, they may want to have GR make a statement today over the inaccuracies SD made on the program and referring to the vilification of Stockwell Day's flowing river error

We will see if it happens.....holding my breath now.

Mary HInes said...

Great Alberta Girl!... I too wrote Mike Duffy Live with similar requests. Another thing, I think it would be great if we sent lots of emails to the Ombudsman of the CBC requesting answers to the investigation going on about the liberals being sent questions to be asked at the Mulroney Inquiry by CBC reporters. I have written him several times, I told him, we deserve to know the reporter who sent the questions and the liberal panel members involved. His email address is:

Reid said...

That's an interesting link anonymous posted. If indeed their emissions are up over 80% instead of the 30% that I can find online does this mean that Norway has been intentionally under-reporting their emissions? If so, what about the other Euro-Kyoto cheerleaders?

Every day another wheel falls off the Kyoto bandwagon, and yet no on jumps off. It's like their bound and determined to ride this sucker until it crashes in a fiery blaze of glory.

Anonymous said...

Here's another link of interest:

Ardvark said...

I updated the post with the link to the 80% figure, thanks Anonymous.

"Just like Norway" I hope these words follow Dion around for some time whenever he speaks on the environment. Let's watch the academic squirm.

Anonymous said...

When can we expect a correction of all the misleading information that Dion was allowed to spread on the Mike Duffy show on Tuesday. Particularly in reference to Norway when Dion tried to make the point that it is an example of a strong economy and yet will be close to reaching their Kyoto targets.
When you said they are not resource based and don't have oil sands Dion replied they do have oil and they didn't destroy their economy and then said a bunch of mumble jumble which was not relevant or made any sense.
However truth is carbon emissions have increased 80% (talk about being out to lunch on facts - Dion has learned well at the knee of Al Gore) in Norway instead of being decreased. (See News Item Below)
I know Mike Duffy would not want any part of this deceit and plain ignorance being spread on his show so I expect you to make the necessary correction for the viewers and Canadians in the interest of accurate reporting by the CTV News network.
Norway's emissions soar
Just as Norwegian delegates to the UN's conference on climate change started heading home from Bali, came news that Norway's own carbon emissions rose 80 percent from 1990 to 2004. Statoil's refinery at Mongstad is the biggest contributor
Environmental group Zero has made a list of the 25 largest generators of emissions in Norway. Not surprisingly, the country's oil and gas industry figures heavily on the list.

The Mongstad refinery on Norway's west coast spews out the most carbon, followed by the new gas power plant Naturkraft at Kårstø in Rogaland County.