Friday, November 30, 2007

To the 307 Liberal Riding Presidents in Montreal....

Please have some sympathy for this man, Allan Armsworthy, as you party put on a brave face to cheer on your "leader" this weekend in Montreal.

After all, poor Allan has nothing to do until after the next election when the good Liberal supporters of Central Nova will again get to choose for themselves a Liberal candidate; instead of having Dion unilaterally decide that the Liberals are no longer a national party and that they should support a nazi obsessed person from another political party instead.

So please do enjoy your party, but also remember to take some time to think of Allan and all those other abandoned Liberals in Central Nova.


A bit of NON truth in advertising from the Liberal Party of Canada website linked above:

Central Nova:

"Your riding is currently not held by a Liberal Member of Parliament. Here are five ways you can help the Liberal team win back your riding today.
  1. Join the Liberal Party and help us make Canada a better place.
  2. Become a volunteer and create change in your own neighborhood.
  3. Make a donation to help us fund our next election campaign.
  4. Spread the word about the Liberal vision for Canada with your friends and neighbours.
  5. Stay informed — sign up for Liberal e-news and learn more about what the Liberal team is doing for you."
So exactly how are the Liberals possibly going to "win back" the riding if they have no candidate running? Maybe they should add a number 6 to the above list.

6. Get rid of Stephane Dion and bring democracy and leadership back to the LPC.

Now there is some truth in advertising.



Anonymous said...

Hey AA - did it ever occur to you that this is the guy went along with the Elizabeth May plan?

Ardvark said...

Sure, I am sure every Liberal in Central Nova loved the plan, maybe it was their idea to begin with?

What riding would want to have their own candidate running for their own party anyway?

All one big happy family in Liberal Land.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't want politicians to work together once and a while or anything ...

Anonymous said...

Here is some other suggested things that motivated liberals can do:

7. Learn to tell the truth.
8. Start stealing policy from the conservatives again.. cause you know we were never good at this technical stuffy anyways.
9. Start pouring on the Charisma again else the public will realize how sleazy we really are.
10. Start pretending that we are patriotic again even though we lust for the day the UN builds an office in Ottawa.
11. Learn to love Dion because deep down inside every liberal is really a commie intellectual snob.
(real conservative)