Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Linda Diebel's challenge: 6 months later.

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May 17, 2007 "Give Stephane Dion another six months before deciding whether he's a leader or not, says a journalist and author of a new biography of the Liberal leader." source CTV

6 months have now passed since Linda Diebel gave her interview to CTV in regards to her then new book, Stephane Dion: Against the Current Viking Canada, 1 edition (May 12 2007),
and I was curious to see if her own opinions had changed on Dion's leadership, and whether or not she feels Canadians opinions had changed in the last 6 months since she issued her challenge.

After a very promising initial reply from Ms. Diebel; she has not replied any further to my questions. I do not want to guess as to what her reasons might have been for not going any further in our communications, but I really not surprised given the last 6 months in the political life of Stephane Dion.

If you are interested: Video link to CTV Question Period interview with Linda Diebel.


Update: Canadian Cynic has taken me to task for the above post and rightly so. It was very naive of me to expect any liberal to actually mean what they say and stand by their own words. Silly Ardvark.

Also in the comments at CC , I received my first death threat:

"Speaking as a 'Liberal' ( actually I'm not I just hate morons and hypocrisy ), maybe we should start executing people like Alberta Ardvark so that conservatives will know they can be killed too. Otherwise they might all just turn out to be traitors."

but as CC was alluding to in his post, I do not have to worry about what liberals have to say, as this clown didn't even have the conviction to stand by what he wrote for even 1 minute as he/she/it added the line "Just a little joke.. ha ha."

Ha ha ha, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about Linda Diebel and her silly book on the feckless Liberal leader Dion. I would be interested in seeing how many books were actually sold to non Liberals. I wouldn't waste my money buying a book on a politican who will no longer be leader of the Liberal party after the next election and the only Liberal leader not to be prime minister.

Anonymous said...

"... and the only Liberal Leader not to be prime minister."

One can only hope for Canada's sake that Mr. Dion will be remembered as the first in a long line of future Liberal leaders to accomplish the same feat.

Finally Mr. Dion displays a leadership attribute all Canadians can support!

stephen p.

Anonymous said...
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OMMAG said...

Who's Linda Diebel?
This is the first time that I've ever heard of her.
She wrote a book about Stephane Dion?

We'll I guess everyone is entitled to have a hobby.

BY the way ...you can backtrack the IP's of commenters with the right tools in case you want to pursue it.

Ti-Guy said...
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KEvron said...
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Ardvark said...

Now it appears that I am being lambasted because of a lack of knowledge about popular AMERICAN culture, Ann Coulter, and obscure US leftwing blog references.

I never really knew that these were important when discussing Canadian politics, but CC has now shown me the way. America is our neighbor, and our frame of reference for everything.

Thanks CC

Red Tory said...
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Ardvark said...

Personal attacks are not really needed, but what can you expect when some people are Clueless