Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kevin Rudd's position on a post Kyoto agreement

Australian Labor Party leader and newly elected PM Kevin Rudd: "I have made absolutely clear that we would need to see clear-cut commitments from the major emitters from the developing world for us to become party to that agreement" Source

Sounds an awful lot like the position of PM Harper doesn't it?

While I am on the subject, how is it that liberals and other assorted lefties are so adamant that Canada, even if other countries like China and India do not do their fair share, must shoulder the burden on climate change no matter what the consequences?

Compare that to Afghanistan where liberal logic dictates that we must abandon our task because we are doing more than other countries? Confused? I think the left are as well, but that has never stopped them before.


hunter said...

Good points, Kyoto good, Afghanistan bad. Liberals are such sheep!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yeah, really good points.

Inconvenient hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

I was reading that India was well ahead of us. A Canadian that works there, gave a list of things they were doing. Harper is wrong, as well as a great many brain -washed people, who believe him

Anonymous said...

Hey commies, India is only good at producing new carbon footprints aka population explosion. (real conservative)

Ardvark said...

The left is full of strange contradictions. I think those will deserve a post of their own.

India is ahead of us in what exactly? Population, C02 emissions, child labour....?

If every large emitter does not agree to cuts, it would be foolish to go gung ho doing great harm to our economy while China,India and the rest get to chug away.

Reducing CO2 and pollution in general is a good thing, but lefty logic cannot see that the ONLY real solution is to get everyone on board.

Symbolism is wonderful, and it has gotten the Liberal Party elected on more than one occasion, but in the end it does nothing to solve the real problem.

KEvron said...

"Inconvenient hypocrisy."

oh! the irony!