Friday, November 02, 2007

Abducted child is found safe, and now....

Good news as the baby that was abducted yesterday has been found and has been reunited with her parents. Nineteen-year-old Brenda Batisse, who allegedly took the baby girl, has been arrested and is facing abduction charges.

So using my psychic abilities I will predict how the story will unfold over the next little while.

First their will be relief that the child has been found and returned safely.

A discussion will ensue about how to tighten up hospital security so this kind of thing never happens again.

Next will come the discussions about the crime itself and what kind of punishment should be dealt out. During these discussions, the soft on crime left will ignore the crime itself and the premeditation involved. We will hear how the alleged abductor had a hard life and that it really is not her fault, but rather that of society that caused the alleged abductor to behave this way, and as a result this woman should not be sent to prison. The left will bring up the sex of the alleged abductor, and how society treats women in general, as a 'straw man' in their zeal to do what they think is the correct thing.

These arguments will be effectively shot down when it is pointed out that all these feelings of sympathy for the alleged female abductor would not be the same had the abductor been a man.

Update: While I was not totally correct with my predictions the courts come through in the appeal as her sentence gets cut in half.


Anonymous said...

Yup, you nailed that one Ardvark, can hardly wait for that story to come out in the Blob and Swail.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that this woman is also Aboriginal, and the courts will take that into "special consideration" when sentencing.

John M Reynolds said...

This story spread quickly. I heard about it first when a local paper emailed me the day's headlines at 2:55 pm. By 5 pm, some of the details were on the websites of cbc, ctv, globe and mail, toronto star, and the national post. On the way home, it was announced on CBC radio and other stations. Later, the good news also spread quickly too. The problem is the details were not quite right. Each story seemed to have something different. For example, someone reported that she was 19 when she was actually 29. It is amazing how wrong so many of the details were and still are.