Friday, November 23, 2007

Canadians do not want an election now..

They want one in February


Anonymous said... want Canadians to vote in winter? I seem to remember Martin saying something along that line to avoid an election. Wait for the Liberal sequel staring dion.

kursk said...

"According to some of his advisers, Mr. Dion believes his best hope of defeating Mr. Harper will come in a head-to-head contest when the two are likely to garner relatively equal media attention and have the same campaign funds at their disposal."

bwaaa, hahahaaaaa etc etc..

Oh please, Noel Coward, please do stop, you do go on..

John M Reynolds said...

I'd say, get half of the opposition days over with before January if possible.

Anonymous said...

We need 40 points plus before it is worth doing. And several polls in a row I may add. If we can keep Dion in there for at least 6 more months then we will get there.
(real conservative)

Ardvark said...

This is just another example of how the Libs play politics with EVERYTHING;yet they seem to think that the Canadian public are naive enough to not see these antics for what they really are.

I say bring it on, LPC. Lets see just how many Canadians do believe all this crap you have be spouting out for the last couple of years.