Thursday, November 29, 2007

Toronto: the fishbowl

I think most are already familiar with the recent poverty report from the United Way which claimed that 1 in 3 Toronto families live in poverty. True or not, I am not to judge, but I think this report, and the expected response from socialists everywhere, offer up a golden opportunity to prove that pie in the sky elaborate government programs do not work or even come close to what they intend to do.

Put Toronto in a fishbowl and conduct the grand experiment.

Let Premier McGuinty pour tons of money into the targeted problem, and encourage him to do so even if it means increased taxes. Lets encourage Mayor Miller to continue on with the grand ideas he already has to deal with the poverty issue and come up with a few more as well. I would hate to have someone say that it could have been accomplished if we only had a few more dollars, so lets have the PM open up the cheque book for the a short length of time to pay for all of these wonderful ideas until the experiment is over.

Then we can sit back and look into our fishbowl and see the true utopia that is Toronto; where poverty and all that stems from it, like crime and various other social strife, are history.

Come on all you on the left, this is your chance do what Cuba and the Soviet Union never could do and prove that socialism works. Put my money where your mouth is and lets see what happens when your slogans are put into action.

I already have a good idea how it would turn out, what do you think would happen?



Anonymous said...

The Toronto poverty problem is probably overhyped but that they have a problem is entirely predictable. When you combine the richest social programs in the province with the most anti business government in the province you create a climate that attracts people who want social programs and encourages businesses to move to the 905. Concentrated poverty is the predictable result. There is no need to start running a socialist experiment in Toronto it is currently on going.

Anonymous said...

There's also an issue of how the numbers are arrived at. I have a 6 figure income, but if I moved 1 mile west across the border I would be classed as poor - simply because my household income would be less than a third of the median.

Ardvark said...

But yet the cry of "If only we had the money" continues. I hope Miller finds a way to get the Premier to increase the minimum wage to $10hr, hell make it $20 and then watch what happens.

BTW, with many Liberals claiming the crime rate has gone down, how does that now coralate with the poverty numbers going up? Isn't this the opposite of what the libs have always claimed?