Friday, November 16, 2007

Late Night T&O

Thoughts and opinions with a few links for Nov 16th 2007.


As promised in an earlier post, the great Steve Janke has more on the details of the old in and out.

The airbus story goes on and on, and like myself, Bob Fife thinks all of this is only going to benefit Shreiber.

"Mr. Schreiber is saying that he's not trying to use the court system to delay his extradition to Germany," CTV's Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife said Thursday.

"That's just completely unbelievable."

Fife said Schreiber has had opportunities over the last 15 years to come forward with any allegations of wrongdoing.

"If he knew about this meeting with Mr. Mulroney he should have told people a long time ago," said Fife.

"The only reason he's talking about this now is that he's on the doorstep to being extradited to Germany."

My guess is Mr. Mulroney will also do well himself in all of this, and the liberals will again not be happy the longer this drags out over time.


So the Liberals might be revisiting something else other than the GST. Could this be the issue that gets the Liberals up off of their hands? Just do your jobs and fix the damn thing up in committee. All parties basically agree and if you can't do what you get paid for and work together on such a small bill, then lets get on with the election so things can be accomplished.


Some fake news to outrage the masses. This kind of thing of course has gone on before, but yet so few are aware of it because they get their news from the MSM.


Dr. Roy has a little bit on Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia. Even with all of its problems, I think I will stick with Canadian law thank you very much.


Speaking of Canadian justice; There is a big difference between a volunteer army and one that drafts people into it. The SCoC agrees, Elizabeth May and Shirley Douglas are outraged, Keifer Sutherland had no comment.

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