Sunday, April 16, 2006

Who was the dude in that black car?

It has not been the best week of my life by any stretch of the imagination. After already having suffered for 4 days with the worst case of the stomach flu that I can remember I headed out on Thursday for the AACCA Show in Calgary.

The trip started off on a bad note when I hit the gas station to fill up the truck and saw the price of gas had gone up 5 cents overnight; imagine that, an increase happening just before a long weekend. So after having coughed up the extra cash to fill the truck I started out on the drive south and being that I still was not feeling well, it also made the trip a bit more precarious than routine.

Upon arrival I was informed that there was little mistake with the registration that my friend, who was sharing a table with myself, had sent in. The mistake was that it was never received, the cheque was not cashed and we had no table! Months of planning was down the tubes, a truck loaded with stuff that would not see any buyers, a gut that still was not settled, and a paid for hotel room that was no longer needed.

It was on the drive to drop off my friend that it happened. At first I had not noticed anything out of the ordinary, but that is when my friend caught sight of a couple of somewhat innocent looking black cars in the lane beside us as we merged onto into traffic and he said " I wonder who the dude in the black car is?" I looked over at the cars and didn't think much of it as I just wanted to drop him off and get some rest, and as we turned off in another direction it hit me.

It was this guy

I know it is not much of a story, but it was about the only good thing from my recent trip to Calgary. Well that is not entirely true, the show was great as always and for next year I learned to make sure I look after the paperwork myself.

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