Thursday, March 30, 2006

Deportation, it is the law!!

Check out Dust my Broom on deportation of illegal immigrants.

The law is the law, so there is NO other choice but to enforce it. Some of the left are not on side with this and they can give all the damn excuses/reasons they want to, but if you are against the deportation of illegal immigrants you are against the law of the land. Who would have guessed that some Liberals would not be on the side of the law?

The other thing which cries out for attention on the illegal immigration issue is discrimination. You just know that somehow this will be spun as an issue of discrimination, and the truth is I agree that it is discrimination of the worst kind and I hope that something is done about it.

By allowing these illegals to stay in the country, either by amnesty or just ignoring the law, it would discriminate against the thousands of other potential immigrants who are LEGALLY trying to get into Canada and following the process. It is obvious from their rhetoric that the left does not like two-tiered healthcare, but yet some seem so supportive of two-tiered immigration laws which would allow law breakers to 'jump the que' ahead of those that obey the laws and follow the process. Oh and did I also mention that illegal entry into Canada is against the law as well.

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