Friday, March 17, 2006

A woman's right to choose

A woman's right to choose does not only apply to having children, it also applies to to raising them as well.

It sounds simple enough for me, but I wonder how feminist groups can call for one type of choice but be against the other?

Another mystery of leftist thinking?

I should have issued an oxymoron alert before that last comment.


Sara said...

I hope you don't mind, I blogged you because it pertains to childcare as well....

Nicole said...

Our womb's are NOT for hire by our government.
A contact from Social Agenda down in New York City told me once that in the US, if you are wealthy and stay home with your kids, then you should be commended and people should be in awe of the sacrifice you are making. But if you are poor, and want to raise your kids, you are scum and deadbeat.
Equal funding for Children of Equal Value.

Ardvark said...

Thank you Sara. I do not mind at all and I am glad that I could help out with my little soap box.

Bikkit said...

We have a public school system, yet people are free to choose whether their kids go to public, Catholic, private or home school. How is trying to do something similar for daycare leaving people without a choice?

Ardvark said...

Not everyone uses daycare, and what is in one province is not the same as in another, nor is what is available to rural Canadians the same as what is available in the cities.

A national plan DOES NOT exist, contrary to what many try to tell us.

The Liberal plan, which is not a plan but just an unaccountable money give away for the Provinces to do what ever they want, will not help everyone.

The CPC plan puts the money with EACH and EVERY child and not the provinces. This is not only fair, but puts the choice with the parents as to how this money is put to use, which includes daycare. This choice is completely absent with the Liberals so called national plan where you choose daycare or nothing.