Monday, March 27, 2006

Some thoughts

I have been too busy lately to read the news, never mind make comments on it. Who would have figured a middle age guy working overtime hours to keep his head above water and having a home life with 3 kids under 10, wouldn't have any spare time to blog.

On the Lyle Oberg situation: I have to ask; what the hell was he thinking? The comments about not telling people to support the Premier at the convention were within reason and understandable, but you don't go around threatening him with some alledged buried skeletons. You might as well of went into Ralph's office and poked him in the chest with a stick. Not a smart play, and one that makes me question what kind of leader he would have made.

That stick comment has got me thinking if I would be fired if I walked into my bosses office and poked him a few times. Nah, I am in a union so I get the benefit of all sorts of stupid rules to protect my hard working self from the man, even if I do deserve to get tossed out on my butt. I would end up with a couple weeks paid stress leave and have to attend some sort of conflict avoidance course, also paid for by my employer naturally, but I doubt I would be fired. I wonder if I could bring a friend along to some of these avoidance sessions? If it was possible I would bring this guy, James Loney.

I think he may have made some bad choices as to his place of employment recently, and might be able to use some professional help. I dare suggest that being a westerner, an active Christian, as well as being gay, would be the perfect trifecta for being a potential target in Iraq and not the safest place to choose as a place of employment. Poking your boss with a stick in Canada can get you in trouble and perhaps fired, but doing something similar in Iraq will more times than not get you killed.


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