Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Standing up for those who Stand Up for Canada

I could not be happier that PMSH has chosen to make his first foreign trip a visit to Afghanistan to visit with our troops. It shows a kind of character that we have not seen for quite some time from our PMs, and it is both refreshing and a sign of what type of leader Stephen Harper really is. WTG Mr. Prime Minister!!!!

And on the other side we have Jack Layton who is more concerned with the party grassroots views on the military in general than he is with the people who wear the uniform for Canada and the job they do. Why the big concern now as opposed to when the troops were first dispached by the Liberals remains a bit cloudy, but to suggest he is playing politics is well within reason and it is a slap in the face to those serving in Afghanistan.

Still on this subject, I have some questions to those that suggest that Canada's role has somehow changed from peacekeeping to that of a more offensive role. I am aware that our role has changed in the command structure as we are now have a greater say on command, but the mission has not really changed since the arrival in February 2002 of the first troops. At least the February date is what the DND has stated, but JTF 2 has been very involved in active fighting from their very first day there and I think many of you will remember this picture from Jan 2002. (AP / DarioLopez-Mills)

Some other early combat examples must also include our snipers, one of which set a world record of 2,430 metres for a kill shot! While kept low key by our government at the time, the U.S military nominated 5 of our snipers for the Bronze Star for their combat work.

How has our mission changed?

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