Friday, April 11, 2008

FITNA should receive tax credits from the Canadian government

Or at least it should have if FITNA were made in Canada; according to NDP shill Oscar-nominee Sarah Polley and everyone else on the left crying censorship over bill C-10.

The left and various Harper haters are in an uproar because the government wants to pass Bill C-10 which contains a provision, originally created by the Liberals by the way, which would allow the government to refuse tax credits to film or television productions deemed offensive. Imagine that, a government in its role as the steward of our tax dollars, trying to make sure those dollars are not spent on hard core porn or other such projects that the majority of Canadians would not want that money spent on.

The crux of the argument against c-10 is that someone (meaning a government bureaucrat) would be deciding which projects qualify for the tax credits and which do not. Even though the minister responsible has stated that she will work with the entertainment industry to draw up a precise definition of what projects would be deemed too offensive to receive government tax credits, the lefties are against the idea and are crying censorship. Funny how in the case of films or television productions that many on the the left think that tax money must flow to all projects regardless of their nature, but with other issues such as child care or tax cuts, they are more than happy to decide for everyone just who should qualify, and more importantly, who should not.

Because this deals with the so called arts, does not mean that it should be exempt from any rules. If we are going to be putting tax dollars towards this industry, there must be some kind of rules as to how and where those dollars get spent. It is more than just common sense, it is what I and most Canadians would expect the government to do whenever anyone comes with their hands out looking for our tax dollars.

All this faux outrage makes me wonder just how many of those against C-10 would have an issue with homegrown remake of Triumph of the Will . Or is even Nazi propaganda entitled to our tax dollars without any rules or government oversight? What say you?

Update: Another view from Chuckercanuck on C-10.


Anonymous said...

Polley never said hate films should get any money. Harper and his NeoCon censors must be stopped.

Marc said...

Polly never objected when the Liberals introduced this bill in 2003. In 2004, she was both a member of the NDP and an active member of the "Stop Harper" campaign.

Her protests and news conferences are nothing but grand-standing for her political buddies on the left, who shudder at doing anything without a government handout.

Ardvark said...

Neocon censors? This was a Liberal idea, and a reasonable* one at that. No one is being censored. The projects get to go ahead, but without any government tax credits. So stop with the censor BS.

Maybe we can get Polley and a few others to declare they will move to the US if Harper gets re-elected, kind of like Alec Baldwin in reverse. On second thought, moving to the US is the goal of most of our actors so that won't work.

*I don't get to say that too often.