Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The most public scandal in the history of Canada.

If the CPC were really trying to hide their dealings in the so called "In and Out" scandal, they have not been doing a very good job of it. So in an effort to help out, I humbly offer up some suggestions as to what is normally done when you are secretly conspiring to break the law.

Keep it small. Involving numerous candidates, official agents, countless local campaign workers, party staff, and an outside advertising agency with all of it's employees, does not a secret make.

Don't file factual forms and paper work. A good scandal requires you to make stuff up. Actually putting the correct information about money spent on the Election Canada paperwork is just bad scandal form.

Don't challenge those that make the rulings. Poking a bear with a stick will only cause problems, and not recommended when conducting shady dealings.

Do not go public by bringing your actions before courts. Anyone involved in a scandal knows that secrecy is the key. Using the courts, or the media kind of blows the clandestine nature of your average conspiracy out of the water.

Don't take lessons from the opposition parties. Yes the Liberal Party of Canada did manage to get away with Adscam as far as Elections Canada is concerned and they WILL NEVER have to reveal just which Liberal candidates got that money, but..... Oops, just hang on a minute. Maybe taking lessons from the Liberals is a good idea when you are planning a conspiracy after all.

Lets get this thing before a judge soon.

update: A member of the press does some reasearch, while another remembers their own experiences with EC.


Tony said...

The opposition parties are hypocrites and they know it. The sooner this issue goes before a judge, the better it will be for all of us. I have a feeling though that even if Elections Canada loses this case, the opposition and the MSM will find a way of putting a negative spin on it.

Anonymous said...

I hope this gives the CPC an opportunity to re-open the whole Adsam can of worms. Shine a light on that fiasco and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

You can add this one to the list.

Do not use the banks to wire money. Banks keep good records, so it is better to use brown paper bags and leave them on restaurant tables.

maryT said...

Candidates are supposed to be coming out of the woodwork to complain how they thought this was wrong. Are they defeated candidates with a grudge.
Who were the liberals in Que that got all that stolen money. Somebody knows and will eventually tell all.

Ardvark said...

Mary, Dion and the Liberals take a big risk if they plan to force an election soon. A timely RCMP arrect and it is ALL over for the Libs.