Monday, March 30, 2009

Dominic LeBlanc vs Elections Canada

According to Elections Canada: Dominic Leblanc entered the Liberal leadership race (or at least filed his papers with EC) March 25, 2009. He officially withdrew March 26, 2009.

From Elections Canada:

This means that anyone intending to be leadership contestant should comply with the Canada Elections Act rules governing leadership contestants from the time they first accept a contribution for a leadership contest or incur a leadership contest expense. Anyone who fails to comply with these rules – from the time they start to collect contributions or incur leadership campaign expenses – will find themselves retroactively in breach of the law once they register as contestants. (highlighting mine)

Now isn't that interesting.


Here is something else that might prove to be important:

"Before a person can register with Elections Canada as a leadership contestant, the registered party must first accept that person as a contestant in the race. An individual who does not obtain the party's acceptance cannot register as a contestant with the Chief Electoral Officer".

So Dominic; since your dear leader has promised that everything about the LPC leadership race will be open and transparent, lets start with something really simple.

On what day did the Liberal Party of Canada accept you as a leadership contestant, and did you pay them the $90,000 fee on that same day or was it on another date?


Lycan Stark said...

And now it seems Bob Rae in involved the same way.


maryT said...

Or did he even pay the 90,000 fee. Gee, what a short campaign, almost 24 hours. When did he announce he would run, I think long before March 2009.

Anonymous said...

Good catch.

Anne in sw ON said...

Has DL accepted any leadership donations? If so, when did he start and why? If the leader had already been acclaimed and he had bowed out earlier why was it necessary for him to file unless he had accepted donations prior to this date? Is this another part of the 'in and out' plot so that money can be funneled to the LPC? So many questions! Of course, it must all be above board with him being a lawyer, I guess.